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  1. I feel safe with pd because of how hands on their staff are. I like the way they communicate to their clients.
  2. For most of the time, NO. to me old posts are for old players/users and the version of the dice they have that time. Creating topic with the same content but different perspective in my opinion is okay. There are a of changes in the site or crypto and to be at par to the changes, some topics needs to be re-discuss.
  3. I really like the Idea since it will make hunting more easier plus it will make the dice more excite. Sometimes I think that the dice is plain and boring,
  4. I think Modbot plays the role of both moderator and bot. Its a moderator when someone is controlling it and a bot when the person controlling it is sleeping.
  5. If you cant do that then just PM yourself. Tell yourself every thing, why are you so greedy, what do did wrong. Or you can just look in the mirror and punch yourself
  6. I did add 2fa to make my account secure. I'm hopiing they'll fix this soon but to be honest it is more convenient if there in no email confirmation.
  7. Same case with me. I often fo AFK especially when I hunt big multipliers. Some why on the process i get random tip or rain and I want to express my gratitude to that person by tipping back when I hit big
  8. I follow the way you deposit and end up losing. That deposit > bust > deposit > bust and so on is frustrating. I always bust because I only have small bank roll so I decided to save all my money and deposit one time so that I'' have a big bank roll
  9. I never ask them for money. Also, they do not now that I am gambling all they know is im doing my work online but if by chance they ask I will tell them. Im very open to my family. I think my addiction to gambling is still manageable. Maybe i'll start lying if its beyond controllable.
  10. I notice that when you withdraw you balance from the vault, it goes directly to your balance without confirming it from your email like before. Is it a bug? For me though, its nicer because sometimes the email takes too long and you have to cancel it and make request again. I want to know your opinion about it.
  11. My daily profit I think is 3 usd to 6 usd, I never tried for more. Its either I withdraw or I keep it in vault. It is not that big like yours but I am saving it to my local wallet. So far I have accumulated 1eth and I'm so happy ^^V.
  12. If he is a new user, I think its beginners luck. I noticed that its easier to win when you are a new user. I think it is one of the strategy to keep a user stay. I doubt if its the user's strategy. Look what happened to V6.
  13. I think they are just preparing for something new. Maybe the reason why they took off some features because it is not use and is just adding to their memory log. Plus I think there are more big players here than stakes. Just look at the race ^^
  14. The forum indeed quite and there are now new post. I think They should add events and games here to make it more active again. I think one of the reasons why the forum is inactive as well is because not all players know about the forum. Most of them are contented with the chat alone. It is not like before that if you wan't you know or ask about something you have to visit forum. Now, you can chat people, players. mods or support if you want to know something.
  15. You can just log out. I know the feeling when you lose big but I don't think self muting is necessary. Just Log out and calm yourself. Drink an ice cold soda or eat. Chat with the people around you, you might forget that your angry or you lose.
  16. I think its nice if they'll create a token for test bets, and/or for other games like, if you accumulated a certain number of token you'll be able to enjoy VIP perks for a day or so.
  17. If they decided to remove the chat, Primedice will be a ghost town. Playing would be boring since other players like to show off as well. I think chat is whats keeping the dice alive. Although you are right at some point that if the chat is removed toxic people are also eliminated as well as beggars.
  18. I don't play to wager nor race. I want profit. If you compare both races, I think its easier to race in stake than primedice since stake has lots of games which allows you to run multiple games and multiple tabs as well. Wait, ahaha you can do it in Primedice. I don't really have much to say since i haven't participated in race. In my opinion, wagering in sake is easy because there are lots of games to choose from but the negative thing about it is stake lags. The animations makes your pc lag. Primedice on the other hand only has the dice which is computer friendly.
  19. Yes, I feel like Primedice is fair. I don't deny tho that I am trying other dice sites as well. I keep on coming back to Primedice ^^ I like their support and promotion system. I like their minimalism. I also like how easy to set up auto bets. Some dice are too complicated and confusing,
  20. You are right. Some people believe that if they share, more blessing will return plus there are times that when you tip people they will tip you back when they win as well
  21. I prefer auto most of the time. I am too lazy and coward to play manual. I just modify my setup.
  22. You can stay in PH room and make friends there. To the filipinos sharing is normal. Although not all filipinos share. majority of them does. If you want something to happen some times you must make the initial move. I think Its about building bonds and relationship
  23. What do you mean real friend ? Real life friend? I dont have real life friends here or any casino. I have virtual friends tho that I consider worth keeping.
  24. Actually we knew each other. We came from a Dice site as well and it has been our way to express gratitude from our co-players who somehow share their strategy, invite us to the site and also advice us to stop when we are winning.