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  1. Hello there dicers! So I came across this "Gamblers' Fallacy" while searching for a good strategy for my game. What is it and why am I posting this? So, if you are familiar with the martingale strategy I know for sure that you believe in the Gamblers' Fallacy. It is when a player/dicer thinks that getting the same result consecutively for numerous times will give rise to an opposite result. For example: Unfortunately this wrong. Gambling is based on the theory of probability which means that the outcome is under the control of nothing. It is simply based on luck. Having consecutive lose streak doesn't increase your chance of winning. Odds are still the same. After reading about the "Gamblers's Fallacy", I have realized that all this time my strategy is wrong but still I'm sticking on it. My Strategy has nothing to do with the probability. Do you believe in the Gamblers Fallacy?
  2. Are you tracking your VIP Progress? The perks when you are VIP depends on what tier you are and the higher you are the more perks you get. I have seen and known a lot of players here and I can classify them into 2 types. One that focused on getting profit and one that is concentrating on getting a star. Regardless of the perks that you can get, some players still dont pursue it. So, what is you point of view? I'd like to know if you are just like me who just want profit and VIP status is just the extra cherry on top.
  3. Hello mates! When they updated primedice and started adding stars to VIP players so that they can easily be acknowledge, I started to become more conscious in chat. Sometimes I feel like VIPs are dominant. I feel like I'm at ease when I'm talking to no-star user.
  4. When I first started gambling I always calculate my bank roll. I focus on each roll and observe pattern on each result. I am very cautious and coward but as time goes by, I became at ease. I started betting amounts randomly. I always go all in and happy with the result I get regardless if its a win or lose. If you like martingale, calculating bank roll will really help you.
  5. Wins like this makes me feel jealous. and both of you are right good strategy and huge back roll = good profit. The formula of being victorious in gambling is having a good bank roll and a good mindset. In my perspective, having a good mindset and preparing before playing - like wearing lucky charm or so or anything that will make you feel at ease while playing will really help you gain profit I
  6. Why not? Men that is 9900x coming and the possibility of you becoming a millionaire is only 10 bets away. The question is too obvious. Of course before going all in i will dive my current balance into 10 so it can endure the possibility of getting red before hand.
  7. Yeah. Its easier to play with coins that has small value. I tries playing btc before thinking that it is like doge coin but the result is different. The frequency of getting green bets in btc is small compared to doge and other coins.
  8. Hello my friend, to me luck is more important. Sometimes seed is nothing its random and you need luck in seed as well. Your Seed + Server Seed = Result. So changing your seed means you are changing the result as well.
  9. Speaking of instinct aro, even though I feel that red is coming I still go for the bet because I want to prove myself wrong. AHAHAH. Talking about money management, I learned that after losing a lot in stake. I realized that if I really want to win I need to be more cautious.
  10. I do it most of the time. This is because of the mindset we have and how we handle the situation. The urge to recover makes us lose more
  11. If you want to avoid gambling why are you here? Kidding. You know, I experience that as well but what I do is I focus on chat and other activities that way I can minimize the time I spend in gambling and avoid more loses. Gambling can really be addicting since it provides more than entertainment if you are lucky.
  12. hi you can sometimes ask for the support to do it for you. You may extract it by typing this in your URL browser field: https://api.primedice.com/graphql?query={ bet(betId: "insert the bet ID from the archive") { iid } }
  13. This is the reason why lending is prohibited in this site. And why the hell would you lend? Even in real life i hard to lend money. This happened to me a lot of times.
  14. Hello dicers! How long have you been in primedice? Have you ever acquire skills in gambling? When gambling a lot of things about you is either improved or got worst. While others say that gambling is bad it has silver linings. First, gambling/dicing improved my basic maths and way of thinking. I have learned to program my brain to handle losing and winning streak. I have learn to suppress my emotions to hide from the people around me that I'm losing or winning. Second, I learn to manage my bank roll. Hence, I learn to manage my money. Third, I learned to be observant, patient and smart. Analyzing is very important when gambling. How about you? What did you acquire when gambling? A victorious gambler is one who enjoys gambling while not losing too much. Hehehe
  15. Hello Everyone! 😋 Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. I am wondering can someone stay and keeps on playing despite of having a negative profit? Is it because he trust his strategy or he just programmed his brain to handle the situation? A lot of players are not really good at handling situations especially during red streak-some double their bets and some all in. Our brain is basically wired for survival and the mindset needed to consistently beat the bookies is simply one that is quite a bit different. People tend to just rely on their intuitions and urge when betting and is exactly the main reason why a lot of us lose. What is your mind set and how do you handle losing events when playing?
  16. Lucky charms? sure!. If you want to feel luckier use them. Regardless if lucky charm really attracts Lady Luck or just a silly item, it greatly affect your attitude towards gambling. It will make you feel positive and positive vibes attracts positive profits. It will make you feel at ease, no pressure and you will enjoy gambling.
  17. Yea. You are really observant ^^ I think after 2 years this theory of yours is now buried in the deep part of the see. After the changes that was made here, some strategy that was working before is now not working.
  18. Weee! I bet the roll made you hold you breath for 3 seconds. and your heart race like a horse. There are so many times that I thought Lady Luck is in my side. My biggest profit I guess is 100k satoshi in a single bet and it wasn't on purpose. AHAH. I accidentally click auto roll without changing the set up and boom. Good thing I stopped it or else I'll end up blowing everything.
  19. It is really disappointing. 9900x is really rare and hitting it twice needs luck. You a very lucky seed. Sad thing the bet is zero but at least that proves that you can hit 9900x twice in a row ^^V which is actually very exciting to hunt.
  20. wow thats a huge profit. why didn't you run away with that? I commend you for making 2 btc out of cents. I bet you played hours for that.
  21. The first time I use bonzo was when I check the forum and saw a question about bonzo. So I tried it and boom IM muted. --------------------- I think self mute is not necessary. Yeah. sure, sometimes I rant on chat but still I control what I say. I think its immature to blame others.
  22. Hello there. It is important to check prices for me because price hike and down greatly affect the result of my dicing.
  23. Hello there. Personally the reason I am here initially is the weekly challenge and as the time goes by and when I realized that there is a reward on every post, I started participating in the forum activities and conversation. As of now, I am enjoying the forum since I made new friends here that are worth keeping. It is also fun here since I get to discuss topics about crypto to other crypto enthusiast. Sharing ideas balance my time in socializing and gambling.
  24. In addition to that some topics are lacking and need further discussion. So in my opinion, repeating topics are okay.
  25. Yes, it is indeed confusing at first but once were use to it, it will be really helpful especially when hunting.