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  1. The thing that's holding me is the thing that holds almost every one here. The trust, community and support, the addiction and most specially the desire to win and recover. TRUST. I trust primedice because so far I am in profit. COMMUNITY and SUPPORT. The community and support of the site is friendly, approachable and fun. ADDICTION. My addiction to gambling is I think growing. DESIRE TO WIN and RECOVER. There are times that I lose so much that I want to recover. I don't stop until I recover.
  2. Hello there dear friends and mates! 😛 😛 Have you experienced losing? For some gambler losing can be devastating, it can either cloud their judgement or can make them think clear by realizing their mistakes. Losing for me is a opportunity. A catalyst for new strategy. So, yesterday I busted 700k satoshi. I know it is not that big when compared to your loses but to me it is big. It broke my heart. For hours, the loss occupied me. I can't stop thinking why did I continue to gamble despite of having profit, why did I hope for more? I whined. I just can't seem to move on. *Sigh A few hours after, I realized that maybe losing will help me start fresh. I want to reset my mindset. What are your suggestions?
  3. Hello muff, I often see you hunt and I really admire how dedicated you are in hunting.Sometimes I try to hunt but I'm hopeless. I easily get bored. Its takes to long to hit. That is why I rarely hunt high multiplier. You also have a good instinct and keen observation. I wish you more luck on hunting.
  4. It is. Look at the satoshi in your name now. Just be active and post meaningful contents Anyway, good thing I have a forum buddy now. I bet I can finish the maximum forum post now. I see new people. Its nice. I think the forum is starting to be active and have a life again.
  5. Hi there my friend! Your badge I think depends on how many post you have posted. Say, Newbies are members that have posted 0-49 topics or comments. 50 to 100 I think will be Enthusiast, then you'll be a hero once you reached more than 150 and so on. Nope, I think after reaching 50 posts, your next posts are paid.
  6. True. One of the reason that help me reach my goal is I withdraw all my balance once it reaches the minimum withdrawal amount. I don't ask for more. I still have a long way journey on reaching my goal. Like you, I also want to finish it in this year thats why even if its so hard to control, I really trying my best.
  7. All depends on how much balance you have and how willing you are to have negative profit. I have a friend who has the balance but is not VIP (for now) because he is after the profit. I myself don't wager that much except when bonus time is coming.
  8. That's huge my friend. My biggest win is 1600 xrp which was that time worth 15 pesos each. It is 24,000 pesos when converted to USD is 480 USD. At that time I bought a dog worth 7k I gave some to my boyfriend because he need money for his tuition the rest is I don't know what happened. Currently i am saving to buy a new set of piano and phone. I'd like to buy a new computer as well. This is to support my music and my passion in editing pictures and videos and my work.
  9. LOL! I really like all in bets and like you I close my eyes, cross my fingers etc. but I dont close my tab. There lot of times that I lose but winning is a good feeling. Many of us have different approach and reaction when we do all in bets.
  10. It is taking me so long to get the star. I don't care about getting it. What I care about is getting profit and in my opinion getting profit is better than getting that star but losing. Honestly, there are times that I want to wager to get star but I just can't get my progress to move.
  11. It just seemed like I am maxing the post per day but I don't. I don't know what is the gmt their using. I think the max post per day of a forum hero is 30. I am not sure. And based on stake 8:00 am PH time is their reset. Again I am not sure. The reason why I look active is I reply many post in one hour. I think my max post per day is 15.
  12. Hi there, Am I happy with my gambling? YES. So far so good. I think I making profit and making friend is a bonus. I admit that gambling is addicting. There are times that I feel so bored and I feel like something is lacking whenever I failed to log in in a day. I feel like its part of my system now and if I lose the community I built here i will feel devastated like the way I felt when my first love broke my heart
  13. Hallucinating? Isn't this disturbing? You are now addicted to it. Just like how am I addicted to League of Legends. Fortunately I learn to lessen my addiction as soon as I met Primedice. Although there are still days that i play 24hours non-stop, at least it is not as often as before. I also started to play music again. I think focusing your attention to other things will lessen your addiction. Take it easy.
  14. Hello there friend. Nope. I feel like I have unlimited post. It seem to not end. LoL. I tried. I read topics, sometimes topics are not worth replying or I just don't know what to say. I don't know how many post I can do per day. Yes it is. I notice that If you are a newbie, you only have 10 post per day but as time goes by and you ranked up, the post you can make increases. I just don't know how many post are added.
  15. I completely agree. Sometimes the result is based on a pattern. @Jelanstream Its too difficult for e to calculate. It's not that I'm bad in math. I just don't do it, I am too lazy to do it.
  16. This is similar to the post Road to 1Btc from 1k satoshi, surprisingly the guy was successful. I wish you good luck ^^V 17k satoshi starting balance is good One of this day I'll challenge myself like you do. Currently, what I do is I save all my coin and try to reach 1btc (which is I think for my case is impossible). I'm looking forward for a positive result to your challenge.
  17. Sometimes I feel like playing random too. It works for sometime but now it isn't. Mind explaining that different way? I often see you hunting results and honestly Im kinda jealous.
  18. No, majority of my free money is from the rain. I think people are getting practical now that they think of themselves than the others. It's very rare to have someone pr a friend to share their winning to you. Anyways I' really grateful that there are few who gives off random free coins.
  19. Saying bad things and aggression is normal when you lose. Its hard earned money yea know. Sometimes i say bad offending words but I am careful enough to do not do it in public.
  20. kasi mas maraming laro dun. Mas interactive, DIto kasi parang patay. passive lang. HIndi katulad duon . Although feeling ko mas okay nga dito kesa duon dahil napaka crowded
  21. Yes, you have you point that anyone can cash out after having a good profit. Unfortunately, not all players do that. That is why smartness is needed. Greed always cloud peoples judgement.
  22. Hello players Working out with probability can be simple or extremely complicated. How did you come up with your strategy? Did you calculate its probability? If so how did you do it?
  23. it's hard to find people that are mature enough to understand that the money they borrowed needs to be return to the person who owns it regardless of the value.
  24. For me. playing smarted is knowing when to cash out and stop. Its about making good and profitable decisions and handling each situations. Yes, the dice is a game of chances and luck but the slogan play smart to me means play cautiously, thinking of the bigger picture and ending each game with profit. There is nothing wrong with small profit. They add up to total coins. Slow and steady grinding.