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  1. This is when 2FA takes over. I think many players don't have 2FA that is why the silver lining to this update is to make players get use to the use of security features like 2FA. I agree. I usually want that balance in my vault when I experiencing red streaks. On the other hand, that email confirmation helps me control my self when having a losing streak. Just update your password and enable 2fa.
  2. I bet you are a Filipino. I so sure. This term become part of our custom when we are playing. Sometime we'll get positive result and play again sometime we don't, so we stop. Personally, I told my self this several times already and the results? All are bad. Currently, I am trying to improve my self control. Stopping is really the issue why gambler's lose 100%. Earlier this afternoon (+8GMT) I saw a message saying "he'd stop playing for 4-6 months when he lose 15% to 20% of his balance" men that is hard. But he is right. Once you get used to it. Stopping when Losing (a lot) or winning big will become natural and that LAST mentality will be gone in no time.
  3. I just reach VIP in stake the night before last night and it just look me 30 mins to wager 0.5 btc. I didn't even realized I wage that much. I was just playing for fun. I think if you are tracking your progress it will take you more time to progress. Personally being VIP does not make you or your play better. You'll just have some perks that basically depends on how active or passive player are you.
  4. Maybe its just me or maybe my the first VIP I encountered was toxic. You are right about it being a personal thing. Don't VIP players have special treatment? Some VIPs are toxic. There act like they are ahead of non-VIP players or bronze. Or it is just my perception. Btw, talking to mod makes me feel conscious about my choice of words, what I am saying, etc. Sometimes I prefer not talking to them. I hope everyone does that. Thank you sis.
  5. Yeah. Personally, I think posting your emotions especially when losing is immature. I'm the opposite, usually I tilt when no one is talking to me. I've experience losing a lot and that is because I am tilted. I don't like playing alone. Talking in the chat calms me and reset my feelings. This is just me and my experience. I have never experience being muted. I think no one is blaming anyone. Gambling is based on choices. You are right. Its just that he can't help curse or having strong emotions but he is not blaming anyone. He is just expressing himself. (in a negative way).
  6. Having my profit to be 10x my original balance is hard for me. Call me coward, but I stop once I have 20% to 50% profit. Based on my experience, If I go beyond that, I get bust. I don't know if its because of my play style.
  7. 31.20 Bet: 48,197,336,039 placed by Policewale on 27/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 1.06x Profit 0.23980000 13.02 Bet: 48,197,621,312 placed by Policewale on 27/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 1.06x Profit 0.23980000 01.23 Bet: 48,197,846,852 placed by Policewale on 27/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 1.06x Profit 0.23980000 02.13 Bet: 48,198,747,355 placed by Policewale on 27/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 1.30x Profit 1.21052000 31.02 Bet: 48,198,999,585 placed by Policewale on 27/01/2020 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 1.30x Profit 1.21052000
  8. I hope you enjoy the forum the forum as much as I do. ❤️
  9. Good luck my friend. It is so hard to complete the maximum forum post since the forum it self don't have new topics to talk about. I challenge myself everyday to finish the maximum post and unfortunately I failed daily. Yes my friend. The maximum post you can make each day depends on you forum rank. Of course the higher your rank is, the more forum post you can make. I am looking forward for you future post in the forum.
  10. The jackpot is sitting there for a long time. One of the reason why it is so hard to win the jackpot is because its manual and the minimum amount to win it is huge. Plus, the consequence of false report is permanent ban. I think even big crypto whales do not think of winning the jackpot when playing.
  11. I tried to forget every thing. Losing or winning denies me my sleep. So, what I do is I try to forget everything every night to have a good night sleep. There are times that it take me days to forget a loss and there are also times that my heart is still beating fast because of a win in days. I am doing my best to separate my life gambling like to my personal life by forgetting because if I don't my work and social life will be affected.
  12. I'd like to have stellar I really like the name but the thing is our local wallet provider does not support stellar. On the other hand, I think having so many coin will make the game confusing and complicated. The first reason why I liked pd is because of its simplicity and adding more coin I think will make it feel crowded and confusing.
  13. what is your current rank then? I still not vip, I rarely play. I think being vip is far from reality for players like me. I really don't know if I should pursue being vip or just stick to being normal player.
  14. Indeed! it is either because there are few people using the forum or there is really nothing to discuss here. I have 30 post per day and completing it is just a dream.
  15. Nothing but loss. The good about my lost is I wagered but the bad news is it's not enough. I often hear that "know when to stop. CONTROL" but in reality its so hard to do when you are losing or winning.
  16. Do you have plans on challenging yourself again ? Regardless of your profit you still lost to the challenge better luck next time
  17. Hello my friend and welcome to Gambling. I agree with you when you say that gambling is based on luck. What I'm trying to say is how do you cope up with loses? or how do you address strong emotions when you are on red streaks? Good luck on your future bets
  18. of course. It greatly affect someone's brain. Sometimes it can make people become violent, anxious, depress, bipolar or hyper. there are also instances that you become or you have urges that are uncontrollable. Gambling can make you want more despite of the toll. Gambling means that you're willing to risk something you value in the hope of getting something of even greater value. Which its like drug or alcohol that promised you to escape the cruel reality for a moment. This means that gambling stimulates your brain and thus has great effect on your mental health. The moment you want to chase you loses means you already have mental issues with regards to gambling.
  19. Of course. Its like playing doge coin Whenever I play with doge, losing is not an issue. I can bet 1k doge and feel nothing. On the other hand, I feel uneasy betting 1k satoshi well in fact when converted 1k doge is way more than 1k satoshis. I recommend playing without knowing the value of the coin. Its more easier to bet and losing is not that hard
  20. But you see, losing more means winning big. I think martingale was based on gamblers fallacy. The best strategy so far for me is stop when you win. That works.
  21. How often do you change seed aro? Sometimes, I think that seed is nothing. I mean, I often time hear that different seed means different results but thats not my observation. They are all the same for me. I think its about bank roll and good calculation not luck and seed
  22. The AI hates me as well. Lets play manual instead. ---------------- I had a few losses last week and it made me feel down. I was sad of course. No body enjoys loses. Today was a good day for me though, I recovered some of my losses. I am so happy.
  23. hehe. I am hoping to have the same mindset as you do. My today's game was exhausting I was down 700k for a moment but I stayed calm I don't want to lose all again. Luckily I recovered. I stopped and withdraw. I don't want to have the same rage bet as last week.
  24. Indeed. The one that's keeping people from gambling is the feeling of wanting to recover.
  25. I just made a rage bet and the result was bad. I blame myself for doing the rage bet. I hate it. There are times when I make rage bets that I regret like this one. I can't move on.