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  1. On 17/07/2020 at 16:04, shivshaw11 said:

    play small and when reach withdraw, do it fast, dont go longer, according to me , it is smart playing.

    It's easier said than done. Often times, we forget specially when we are having fun. 


    On 12/06/2020 at 01:27, Danny700 said:

    Playing smarter means understanding the game at various phases

    I really like this. The greatest players in the world are the best decision-makers. Learning when to go all out and when to retreat.
    I know this sound so ideal but in time we will learn this.

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  3. my last win was 1000USD I bought 3 phones, one for me and one for each of my brother. My previous ones are to buy a dog. I really enjoy PD because I get to have something out of nothing :). Though there are times that I lose still Im having fun as consolation. My plan if ever I win is to invest it in a business. I am hoping to have a positive result. Wish me luck.

  4. I notice that race is a constant thing in PD so participating or not participating is not significant. 

    48 minutes ago, Kanamay said:

    just dont mind the race, keep on playing with profit, win if win(race) lost if lost. at least u won on ur rolls

    I completely agree. To be honest I don't notice races at all.  I only ntice it when someone mention it in the chat.

  5. 13 hours ago, Chikou1306 said:

    Knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is a matter of memorizing proper strategy, but knowing when to walk away is a different story altogether. Even the very best gamblers , those rare players who can consistently beat the casino at its own game  won’t wind up in the black if they cave to compulsive tendencies.

    Just as gambling enthusiasts have a multitude of reasons to play their favorite casino games , entertainment, diversion, relaxation, and profit chief among them ,you’ll find plenty of reasons to take a step back from the tables. Obligations at work or at home, occasional lapses into problematic habits, or simply separating yourself from a rough losing streak ,there’s always a viable reason to take a break.

    But that can be easier said than done.

    what about you guys ? do you know when it's the right time to take a break ? or you keep playing until you get busted and then gambling forces you to take a break :D !? i myself am planning to take a long break in the coming days because i busted a lot :( 

    I take a break when I lose. This is to prevent myself from losing more. Usually it takes me 3 to 1 week to keep myself away from the site or other forms of gambling. So far doing t has positive result for me. I also take a break when I win. I know its lame but I believe that the dice will avenge for its lost. 

    Taking a break means a lot to me. It improves my sense of judgement. If you think that you have to take break please do it :) 

  6. On 06/02/2020 at 05:09, Jelanstream said:

    The possible hitting the 50th billion bets is 1 out of all players who rolling on that time :D It is possible to hit that maybe I can hit that 
    or you and other users but we need a huge luck on that time. But before you win 1 bitcoin you need to bet a minimum bet I don't know how much is that
    because as they said the more you bet the more you win. Yes making 1 bitcoin without deposit is not impossible but it's very hard and need more more luck.
    I hope I can make 1 bitcoin too.

    Hahaha. I am not expecting myself to hit it :) AHAHAHA


    On 06/02/2020 at 02:36, EmirhanDemircio said:

    Guys im pretty sure that everyone wants the giveaways for the billionth bet challange's but thats really hard to get a change for getting billionth bet with no multi accounts thats why im asking this what would you do if u win that 1 btc in 50 Billionth Bet challange. Like everyone has some targets in their gambling lifes mine is hitting 1 btc from non deposit game u can win 1 btc with 0.5 btc deposit but important one is hitting with free money i hope everyone comments their dreams or reactions of hitting 50 billionth bet with legit challange rules and win 1 btc.


    The challenge takes longer than expected. If you are lucky you can hit it but take note that you are against all the players here. I hope for a positive result for you.


    On 06/02/2020 at 06:24, ham0117 said:

    It's fun..I already encountered like that they give promo who will get the roll hunt number for xxxx..and it's fun..and waited who will the exact number.

    How is your hunt ?

  7. On 05/02/2020 at 21:52, Jelanstream said:

    Hello Again Primedice Forum Community
    I know it's a popular jackpot you can see it on other gambling sites how about Primedice change the settings of the jackpot instead of hitting 77.77 twice 
    It will be 77.77 once but the ending bet ID is 77  I think you know already about this jackpot. So what do you think is it possible that primedice change it like that?
    and forgot the 113 Jackpot and start with a new one?

    If that will be the case I think they will reduce the price of the jackpot 


  8. 5 hours ago, Chikou1306 said:

    many of us waited for the next version of primedice for a very long time now, they mentioned that they will release the new version for like more than a year ! but we still didnt see nothing, as we all know, the primedice 5 was here for more than 2 years ! and it is the longest period they ever took to release a new version ! 

    i think it's the right time to update the site and to start a new version with many new features, lets hope they start it soon this year !

    what do you think ? is PD5 more than perfect and it doesnt need any update ? or you want to see the next version of PD ? please share your ideas, and make your voice heard !!

    I think they don't have to change the dice. In my opinion they have to update some function. and the chat needs some upgrade. 


    2 hours ago, Jelanstream said:

    Hello Again Primedice Forum Community
    I just want to know guys that did you manage the challenge every week even it's very hard or you are a busy. For me I didn't manage 
    to complete it every week cause sometime's I didn't participate challenge if it is very hard and it will can make me bust cause I only had 
    a small amount everytime. But I've try it in a few rolls. Also this week challenge is hard to and I think I can't complete it.
    How about you guys did you managed to complete the challenge weekly?

    I don't have the balls to finish the week's challenge. My participation to the challenge depends on how easy or difficult the challenge is. There are challenges that are easy so I go and join. Sometimes I dont have the time to finish it.

  10. Hi there, think of an alternative to sway your addiction. Say, watch movie or read something. If you can't really avoid gambling or the site and withdrawing money from your vault (or depositing) is too easy for you why not cash it out? or have someone you can trust to hold the money for you?. To my belief, having a lock of the vault is nearly impossible. First of all this is a gambling site, meaning the admins or owners want us to gamble and not hold our money. Secondly, it will be troublesome to some users if they add lock feature that can be unlock on a specific day. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Jelanstream said:

    And just today I made 500 doge from reload to 11,000 doge but I didn't playing too I'm crazy I don't know how to stop playing 
    Thanks for that suggestion mate I use that better after I get my goal I stop playing and just watching movie or playing mobile games.

    2020-02-05 (5).png

    At first, I hardly stop. I don't know how but after some loses I realized that if I continue I will just lose money. 

    Think of you initial objective-the reason why you are here because mine is to gain money. Thus, busting is never an option for me.

    Anyway Good luck have fun.

  12. 4 hours ago, Jelanstream said:

    Plan goes wrong :D I already made $30 on first of februaryfrom weekly coupon on stake and $16 on 2nd of february but I don't know what is on my mind I didn't 
    stop playing and end of busting I can't control my self to stop play even I sleepy. 

    lol you're cheating. AHAHAH my goal daily is 6 usd and when ever I reach my goal I stop playing or I vault my balance. If in case I still have balance or I received random rain or tip, I save it for the next day or just play randomly and have fun. In some instances when I feel like not stopping, I usually keep myself busy so I can sway myself from gambling. Its either I play mobile games or I read books. 


    4 hours ago, jamyr said:

    Well I play without a specific goal of mine, I just play and when I win but still enjoys the game, I play along. I usually end busted but it is for the entertainment that I come here. 

    Personally, the reason why I am here is for the free money thinking  that I can make a living out of this. So far everything is the opposite. AHAHHA Its really entertaining that sometimes I forget about my goals but as much as possible I control myself. 

  13. Hello dicers 😍😍

    Have you ever played randomly without goal in mind?

    When gambling, we all have this mindset that we have to win or we have to recover. Admit it or not. Unfortunately, not all the time we have the money to deposit and play. Luckily we are allowed to play in PD without betting anything. On the other hand, I read in the comment section of some posts that "I play randomly" which in my opinion is playing without particular goal in mind, profit to be reach, numbers/multipliers to hunt etc.  


    Personally, I play without bet to test the new strategy I came up with and also do mindless rolling. How about you?

  14. On 24/01/2020 at 16:27, Iyahmo said:

    Depends on the situation and depends on how much amount did I lose. Since I experienced huge amount it is really hard to move on but I keep on urging myself to feel optimistic regardless of the losses. We have to accept the risk of gambling and that is losing.

    Being positive attracts good vibes :). You will recover like I did. I advice you do recovery games slow and on a gradual manner that way you'll have fun and it is less tense. You know, its hard to play if pressure is on. 


    On 27/01/2020 at 17:35, reyvan said:

    so far not bad, i still can make profit. but not much, maybe next my chance to get some jackpot. 
    so for now i just make a wish to win and more win.

    Lol winning the jackpot is a myth. The jackpot is sitting there for a quite while now but I really like your goal. I hope you get positive results always.

    On 20/01/2020 at 01:59, Muffin20 said:

    i get upset if i lose everything. but that's what gamble means. you have to take risk in order to get profit. ☺☺ i am always happy if i get big profit here though. 

    Sis :) have fun. always think that every lose is a new opportunity and can be a bigger one next bet ^^

  15. On 29/01/2020 at 21:20, sourc3code said:

    Btw I found a post that Dan put up over at Stake which I believe applies here to. This is what he wrote:

    Noob (0-99 post count)

    • Capped at 10 posts per day.
    • No signature.
    • Cannot send or receive forum satoshi.
    • 3 month appeal period for warning.

    Member (100-999 post count)

    • Capped at 20 posts per day.
    • Signature now unlocked with 1 image.
    • Forum satoshi trading unlocked.
    • 1 month appeal period for warning.
    • Increased pay per post value rating.

    Hero (999+ post count)

    • Capped at 30 posts per day.
    • Bypass flood control.
    • Maximum pay per post value rating.
    • Signature can have up to 2 images.

    Respected (Promoted by staff)

    • Capped at 40 posts per day.
    • Bypass flood control.
    • Maximum pay per post value rating.

    Not sure if this applies 100% to PD as well, but I'd presume so. Hopefully this helps out any of the newer people who had questions about post count and earning sats from posts. 

    I think the post is out of date. I'm sure my max post is over 20 per day. Thank you for providing this anyway ^^ really appreciated.

  16. On 14/01/2020 at 13:41, Jelanstream said:

    For me Stake, Primedice and one other site that always eddie said that one are legit is the safe sites for me why I lose always cause I'm too
    greedy no self control and patience while playing.

    The fact that admins are hands on to their business makes it feel safe and trust worthy not mentioning how long stake or pd is running. 


    5 hours ago, nolep said:

    closing the camera is pretty good, at least it can protect our privacy if there are hackers who take and take pictures. I also do that, even though this primedice is an online gambling website, we still have to be vigilant to let ourselves be safe

    camera? wow I think the person who post this watch too much movie.  I was like what has camera do with gambling? -.-

  17. So far my gambling experience this year is way better than the previous year. Ever since I started gambling, this January is the most profitable week since I get to withdraw 10 to 20 usd daily. I know it is not as big as those of gambling sharks winnings/profits per day but to me more than okay. So far I have collected 300 usd profit which is almost as big as my monthly salary. I am hoping to have more profit since I think I am a better and smarted player than before.

  18. On 22/01/2020 at 17:08, Chikou1306 said:

    what do you guys think about this new feature ? 

    I think they will use that to replace email verification when using the vault. About the question if it is necessary? Yes! It is an added security and in the future it will serve its purpose. Although to be honest, I am still wondering what will I do if I lost my 2fa. Personally I think the most convenient mode of security is email-you can have access to it anytime and anywhere.


    On 22/01/2020 at 19:48, stront said:

    i tried enabling phone verification but im not receiving message on my phone...

    Same here. I tried requesting for verification code for several times and until now I don't get any. Maybe its the same as the email verification link that they will send you when you withdraw in the vault. I remember it being so delay. 


    On 27/01/2020 at 15:44, sourc3code said:

    believe they are still working on this feature, so you may not receive a text even if you type in your number.

    Maybe its on beta test and  that the reason for the delay of the verification. I think it is still avail for some countries (the text) I hope they will fix it soon.