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  1. LOL! I really like all in bets and like you I close my eyes, cross my fingers etc. but I dont close my tab. There lot of times that I lose but winning is a good feeling. Many of us have different approach and reaction when we do all in bets.
  2. It is taking me so long to get the star. I don't care about getting it. What I care about is getting profit and in my opinion getting profit is better than getting that star but losing. Honestly, there are times that I want to wager to get star but I just can't get my progress to move.
  3. It just seemed like I am maxing the post per day but I don't. I don't know what is the gmt their using. I think the max post per day of a forum hero is 30. I am not sure. And based on stake 8:00 am PH time is their reset. Again I am not sure. The reason why I look active is I reply many post in one hour. I think my max post per day is 15.
  4. I think arbitrage betting is non-sense, I mean where is the essence of gambling there? Where is the excitement you are supposed to feel when you are gambling? Where is the trill? And it is as if not betting at all.
  5. Hello again, as I said from my other comment. I only bet on the games I know. Since I love them so much I watch them. Sometimes I can't watch live because I am at work but still I watch them afterwards. Should there be cases that I can't watch the game? What I do is I check its live stats.
  6. Hello my friend, I am not that familiar with sport betting since I only started it weeks ago in stake and I only bet on games that I know the game play, the games' nature and rules. At first, I am not interested in sports betting because I assumed that the games or sports in there are those sports and games that don't know but I was wrong when I saw League of Legends and Dota. I am very happy. Since then, I bet on those games. Not only the I really love the game but I know the teams as well. There are times tho that I bet on other games/sport when I feel like it or when I saw someone bet big on it.
  7. Hello there my friend, I am still learning about sports betting. Actually, sports betting in stake is my first time and my experience in sports betting so far is good. I am still learning about how the odds changes and stuffs. I am currently betting on the games that I know and which I play personally like Dota and League. Playing or betting on the sport I know makes sports betting more fun and understandable for me. I think knowing the game, its nature and rules will really help you decide which team to bet on.
  8. Hi there, Am I happy with my gambling? YES. So far so good. I think I making profit and making friend is a bonus. I admit that gambling is addicting. There are times that I feel so bored and I feel like something is lacking whenever I failed to log in in a day. I feel like its part of my system now and if I lose the community I built here i will feel devastated like the way I felt when my first love broke my heart
  9. Hallucinating? Isn't this disturbing? You are now addicted to it. Just like how am I addicted to League of Legends. Fortunately I learn to lessen my addiction as soon as I met Primedice. Although there are still days that i play 24hours non-stop, at least it is not as often as before. I also started to play music again. I think focusing your attention to other things will lessen your addiction. Take it easy.
  10. Hello there friend. Nope. I feel like I have unlimited post. It seem to not end. LoL. I tried. I read topics, sometimes topics are not worth replying or I just don't know what to say. I don't know how many post I can do per day. Yes it is. I notice that If you are a newbie, you only have 10 post per day but as time goes by and you ranked up, the post you can make increases. I just don't know how many post are added.
  11. In my case tho, I bet on the team that I like regardless of the odds. And even tho I know that their chance of winning is small I still root for them. Anyways, thank you for sharing your tips in betting. There are some games tho that I search for the teams' performance. Playing randomly is good too.
  12. I completely agree. Sometimes the result is based on a pattern. @Jelanstream Its too difficult for e to calculate. It's not that I'm bad in math. I just don't do it, I am too lazy to do it.
  13. This is similar to the post Road to 1Btc from 1k satoshi, surprisingly the guy was successful. I wish you good luck ^^V 17k satoshi starting balance is good One of this day I'll challenge myself like you do. Currently, what I do is I save all my coin and try to reach 1btc (which is I think for my case is impossible). I'm looking forward for a positive result to your challenge.
  14. Sometimes I feel like playing random too. It works for sometime but now it isn't. Mind explaining that different way? I often see you hunting results and honestly Im kinda jealous.