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  1. I like to have more games like that of stake. I like it to have a fun corner too. I am also looking forward for more events that we non-vip users can join..
  2. When you are mentally devastated it affects your work greatly, it can either make your work good or make you work real bad. To me, dicing worked well when I am stressed, mad or I am experiencing these strong feeling of frustration. It make me feel fearless and losing is nothing for me. I also believe that luck play a big role in winning or losing the game although when betting your mental capacity is really the key to calculate everything. This is just my thoughts ahaha
  3. To make a good start i combine all my accumulated coins in just one currency to have a big capital and start slaying the dice ^^. If I win by chance I chance it back to the coin which has smaller transaction fee.
  4. This will be fun :) im so excited .. wish every one luck.. XOXO
  5. when i lose all my coins, I usually stay on chat to collect little rains or sometimes I just roll myself in bed, mourn for my lost coin. Haha
  6. Bet: 36,424,687,044 placed by Policewale on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 9900.00x Profit 0.00000000
  7. I usually play cheap coins. Busting them doesn't hurt plus I can do some experimental strats hoping I can apply it to expensive coin... I am also looking forward that one of this days cheap coins' value increase as well.
  8. when i have like 200k satoshis ... I hunt x55 x44x x33 and/or x22. raise 7 percent on lose. it worked several times to increase my balance ... but not all the time. Also my base bet is 15 satoshis
  9. you made 1 btc ? ahahah thats inspiring one day ill do the same challenge. but i doubt if i can do it like you do. I admire you being so optimistic ^^V and a goal oriented person
  10. Seeing your post make me jealous. Heheh I always get zero why hunting hehe best of luck to you guys... One day i;ll post my bit win here as well I really envy someone who takes risk.. i always play safe like a coward ..
  11. To me the multiplier i use depends on the balance I have.. Usually I use 50% chance or 1.98x. There are times I use 3x, but it doesnt work all the time. I have read that using a combination of multiple multiplier can help you.. tried it and it worked . I not really good on dicing since my balance always end up being zero, You can always change and explore whats best for you