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  1. I usually play cheap coins. Busting them doesn't hurt plus I can do some experimental strats hoping I can apply it to expensive coin... I am also looking forward that one of this days cheap coins' value increase as well.
  2. when i have like 200k satoshis ... I hunt x55 x44x x33 and/or x22. raise 7 percent on lose. it worked several times to increase my balance ... but not all the time. Also my base bet is 15 satoshis
  3. you made 1 btc ? ahahah thats inspiring one day ill do the same challenge. but i doubt if i can do it like you do. I admire you being so optimistic ^^V and a goal oriented person
  4. Seeing your post make me jealous. Heheh I always get zero why hunting hehe best of luck to you guys... One day i;ll post my bit win here as well I really envy someone who takes risk.. i always play safe like a coward ..
  5. To me the multiplier i use depends on the balance I have.. Usually I use 50% chance or 1.98x. There are times I use 3x, but it doesnt work all the time. I have read that using a combination of multiple multiplier can help you.. tried it and it worked . I not really good on dicing since my balance always end up being zero, You can always change and explore whats best for you
  6. Their profit has something to do with the House Edge i bet they are earning big each day
  7. I tried to create an account ... captcha doesnt work what to do ?
  8. I like 22x, 33x 44x and 55x if i have good bank roll this way i generate profit fast if I get lucky. Losing is constant anyway so i dont mind
  9. How often do I used multiple payout? My PO varies on my balance but i usually use multiple payout when one is not working out for me. its nice to play when winning ^^V congratulations for you recovery keep it up
  10. I am from the country . I'm still hoping that Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) will acknowledge crypto. Yes, it is true that the Philippines has listed 48 types of cryptos because we can't deny the fact that majority of Philippine GDP comes from remittances by OFWs who uses crypto (if not all majority). Its a good new and a bad new. Bad news is, it is developed because of the number of Filipinos scammed. Good news is, them being ignorant and shortsighted is now being protected by the government.
  11. true been using martingale since online gambling was introduced to me. Its okay on the 1-45 mins of playing after that road to zero balance is coming. I think its a constant thing. Now I'm trying to just observe and record odds, then probably bet a high amount when I think I'll win on the next roll.
  12. I prefer pd that stake maybe gazillion times. Why? because i dont understand majority of the games in stake.. plus i like it here because there are lesser people. I think Stake is too crowded for me.
  13. i get the same message when ever my connection is low... i think it can be fixed by checking your connection and refreshing the page.
  14. hehe very well said its nice to have a race where we don't need much money to roll... or maybe they can host a race where people with most lost loss or negative profit should be the winner