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  1. if it's my brother I will strictly forbid my brother to gamble because I am afraid my brother will become a gambling addict like me all day just gambling.
  2. My brother's promotion brought me here. I tried to join stake before but maybe stake is not for me.
  3. I have not seen anyone become rich in gambling. But I always hope I will become rich one day.
  4. Gambling is for entertainment. But I also consider it a way to earn some extra money. So for me gambling is a lot of things.
  5. Me too. The PD has a certain appeal that makes me unable to stop. Now I have completely become a greedy guy.
  6. I will be active every day since today. LoL
  7. Rest for a few days, go somewhere with friends. Gambling is just entertainment, so don't let it control your life.
  8. When I lost big, I was really upset. But who to blame now, calm down and play sth to feel better.
  9. My highest bet is 0.8Eth (When 1Eth = $108). I bet 2time like this....and lost all ☹️
  10. The loser always wants to get h money back. After each loss we bet bigger than before with the intention of quickly recovering money.
  11. This is really hard because I'm not good at managing my time. But of course I always spend time with family and friends. Gambling is just entertainment.