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  1. Stop when you already reach your goal and always set up a limitation on everything. It would always help to set up a goal and a limit before starting anything and of course stick to your plan. It is most gamblers and traders mistake they wouldn't set up a goal and blindly go with the flow then lose it all.
  2. Use a hardware wallet for a high security . I think whales are only using hardware wallet since hacker couldn't penetrate it and stole their funds.
  3. I think it all depends on the gambler there are some who still makes profit out of martingale. If a gambler couldn't control it then martingale would only burn out the gamblers balance for sure. That is why as a gambler we should know our limits and when to stop.
  4. I am also curious about it. But I think they just enjoy others achievements, They are just cheering and enjoying the moment. To be honest I also like to watch those HR , I don't know there are times that I would just laugh on how they lose so much and be happy when they won .
  5. My max red in a ×2 was about 15 times. But it wasn't in PD and that is why I started to stop over using martingale strategy.
  6. Well it also works on dice but the problem is the house once the house detects it you would surely lose. The martingale strategy would only be effective on a short period of time. When you use it for a long time no matter how big your capital is it would be burn out.
  7. Same here I also have the same experience before . Losing on gambling would always make us some irrational decision. Back then I always won at Satoshimines and there was one time that I deposit about 0.1 BTC and lose and tried to recover it by depositing 0.15 and lose again .
  8. I think we could say that the person is addicted to gambling when he/she couldn't control his/herself. The person couldn't stop thinking or playing even though he/she couldn't afford it anymore. I know some people who are addicted in gambling but manage to make their life better by leaving it.
  9. I feel frustrated and ofcourse regret . I would usually regret it because I could have spend it to a more important things than gambling. But it is part of the game we wouldn't always win and it is my fault so I would just deal with it. Whenever I lose and feel frustrated I would usually calm my self on playing online games or watching a movie.
  10. I voted greeneration.org we really need to act and clean the environment for the future. As we could see we have less tree's and unclean water. Don't you feel bad that the next generation couldn't do what we done? I mean playing under the tree climbing tree? Going to a clean river to have fun?
  11. You need both of them to win you couldn't just rely on luck, You also need a good strategy and a plan in order to gain profit. You need a plan about when to stop or quit . Don't be too greedy it is always better to have control and know when to quit.
  12. xvids


    Anything would do , I am just bored on those manga that was more on xxx scenes I want to read some interesting stories. But I enjoy reading some funny hentai manga.
  13. I follow them on my Facebook account to know what's the latest news, Because I also wants to spend time on Facebook and sometimes I forget about things on crypto and those crypto pages would just remind me of it. And I got to see what they have accomplished.
  14. xvids


    Anyone here who also likes to read some hentai manga? I am only reading stuffs at manhwahentai.com . Could you recommend me any good manga out there I mean the great stories not just pure sex scene's.
  15. So basically it was just a sweet error . A mistake that gives you profit what a lucky player, Well not everyone have the same experience only few have experience those sweet mistakes.