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  1. i also went to other sites after loosing here,, but i lost there too while other sites laughed at me while im crying for losses... pd gave me 45$ coupon ... why people return to pd?? i think you found out...the promotions and giveaways ..... they return maximum percentage of losses in the form of monthly coupons ,reloads,challenges,festival coupons,giveaway streams,VIP promotions ,rakebacks,.... and many more
  2. i think primedice has more than enough bitcoins...so it does'nt require any investment i think it would be a loss for them..
  3. but mod.....i think they get advantage with their knowledge...
  4. rage bets... yeah whenever i get red streak and loose.. i always go all in all coins in frustration... after 1 day: "goddamn ...i should have not wasted my coins..." (this feeling comes while depositing again)
  5. there are very few people who become rich from gambling but they become like ultra rich... from rags to riches,,, so i think it is good to try to become rich especially in fairest casino primedice
  6. in india there are no specific laws regarding online gambling and there are many loop holes and controversies regarding skilled and pure speculation games
  7. i think you can earn daily profit if used manual martingale strategy keeping in mind the odds of lossing
  8. can mathematical and statiscal knowledge based gamblers win always?? has it happend in primedice before??
  9. Bet: 56,113,792,032 placed by sai99 on 24/04/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.50000000 7.70 Bet: 56,116,211,251 placed by sai99 on 24/04/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.50000000 15.51 Bet: 56,116,311,057 placed by sai99 on 24/04/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 3.50000000 3.30
  10. you will not feel pressure when you bet low amounts and just make 10 % of balance per day
  11. added to that increasing 10% of your balance is sufficient
  12. the present design of primedice is good....it looks like facebook..i can deceive my friends saying that im using facebook
  13. nice strat but house edge is already eating you.. so after 100 rolls you wagered 2000 sats..so recover 20 sats which is 1%(house edge) and then continue
  14. martingale is a balance killer...bet manually when doing martingale.. example: bet 10 lost oh shit!! i lost so much..let me recover ..so bet another 10.. lost.. ok i think odds are in my favour..let me bet 30 won... so cheers instead of 10,20,40 ..this manual martingale is best
  15. if in future if i win huge...do government says its illegal money..?? (my country is india)
  16. nice points...hope i stop drinking alcohol during play..i loose whenever i mix drinking and gambling
  17. better see smart gambling edge website.. it is almost like classes.. there are lot of good advises in it
  18. yeah it is very difficult... iam following daily 10% increase target so that i can make more than 20 times balance slowly without any anxiety and emotions
  19. i was sad when i lost 0.01 btc in one day .. later i was inactive for 3 months...i marked pd mails as spam...i quitted my saddest moment was when i realised that i forgot to claim 50$ coupon from pd which would have recovered my losses... it expired.. the best part of pd it gives many promotions which almost recovers our losses.. but other websites dont give a penny
  20. please share your moments when your family found out that you are gambling for the first time.. my father said "can we make some money here" but my mother said "you are an idiot to gamble"...
  21. it would be nice if primedice creates dice such that every 5000 numbers account for 50% and every 100 numbers account for 1% and every specific roll is 9900x tell your opinion edit: i mean here we have above 50.00 to 99.99 as 50%.. but i want pd to introduce even 30.00 to 80.00 as 50%... that is any 50% of the numbers is 50%