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    Eminx3 got a reaction from bigbrankx in 20k to 0.01 btc   
    He did 20k sats to 0.01 which means  it was 20,000 satoshies to 1,000,000 satoshies hehe not 20 to a million...
    That would have been insane!
    Regardless... its still insane! sorry you lost it all  : (
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    Eminx3 got a reaction from Eugene265 in Green profit stats - is it important?   
    I agree with Eguene on this one
    I dont think its important, especially if down alot..
    cause if your down a lot and try to make it green it will be like chasing losses
    do you get what i mean?
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    Eminx3 got a reaction from EpicGord in Dicebot vs. Autobet   
    I think you just had a run of bad luck
    I dont see how its possible for there to be the type of difference you think there is.
    Its all provably fair
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    Eminx3 got a reaction from amarcrypto in What play style describes you best?   
    I would say i fall into # 7                       
    the go with the flow type... i find myself playing different kinds of strategies different days and times
    all depends on the mood !