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  1. Username: Klu Hope this giveaway isn't over yet.
  2. If you are familiar with bitcoin since its early age. You should have seen great gamblers since its starting who placed more than 2k btc bets on each bet.
  3. Well I found a solution of my problem. I am working out in the morning and after that I eat small amount of protein + carbs each two hours. Working for me as i have gained 4KG since last two months.
  4. Try to bet on chance 95% on autobetting.
  5. I have dell i3 laptop.
  6. None knows what can come next specially when it comes to bitcoin none ever predicted that it can be 2900$ per bitcoin as it was only a few cents years earlier.
  7. With user not getting paid per post it will be a little quiet in here but also genuine users too. And I think quality is more important than quantity.
  8. Looks like luck has been on your side lately. keep polishing it. The more you polish the more it shine.
  9. It takes around 100 btc or more to become a VIP on pd.
  10. First of all don't listen to trolls. Just do some research on gambling, probability and strategies you will find the answer by yourself.
  11. By referral we all mean quality referrals who gamble on regular basis. Posting links on facebook won't help much. Try affiliate marketing.
  12. So true but its our greed to which makes up keep on gambling more and more.