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  1. yeah i know Wus just kiddin but thanks for the giveaway Captaiin!
  2. only 9 words... pfft even he doesn't know how to play his own game
  3. Bet: 33,056,207,957 placed by GKD09 on 17/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000 64.70
  4. Love cannot be explained in a few paragraphs. It can barely be explained BUTTttt love can go to either extreme - amazing or horrible
  5. was that for me? Anyways I'm off to bed. Guys try not to comment too much when im gone. Much appreciated!
  6. Approx 2 more days for this to end. Lets keep it going << adding more words cus im lazy to count if that was 10
  7. Bet: 33,026,123,086 placed by GKD09 on 16/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000 63.30
  8. The more the posts the more number of peeps with wrong comments and then its harder for you So end the topic NOWW, before i run out of posts for today 😊
  9. What 'threat' are we talking about bro but yeah its gonna be crazaaayy
  10. Bet: 33,020,483,427 placed by GKD09 on 16/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000 63.00 Got it in just 11 rolls lol
  11. I'm loving the random conversations everyone's having with each other (themselves)........... including this
  12. Recently Ive been playing day in and day out. Since I am so free I have been on my laptop and when I'm bored I start listening to music and start rolling. Love when the challenges and other events are there which makes rolling much more eventful and fun. But I can go for hours and hours trying to play out strats and trying to hit the nice challenges No time limit for me yet
  13. 7 is my reputation here lol, I think you've not seen it right. I have 152 odd posts I wouldnt have joined if I had lesser posts btw