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    Dracos got a reaction from Jakeoub in What pets do you find oddly cute?   
    Loris  Huge, cute eyes
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    Dracos reacted to Pitbully in My little beast.   
    Two of mine, Deebo and Daisy.. They love eachother, as you can see
    Deebo is an Olde English Bulldogge, and Daisy Duke is my Rednose Pitbull

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    Dracos reacted to nolep in What music are you listening to?   
    I like music that sounds loud to the ear, rock music. it makes me excited for example the song it's my life creation bon jovi I'm one of their fans.
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    Dracos reacted to anbushinta in Travel back or forward in time?   
    i want to travel back when i was single, wild and free. 
    i want to travel to the future to see what i have become..
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    Dracos reacted to Zephiera in Travel back or forward in time?   
    I want to travel back in time and carry gadgets with me just to confuse people. But in every show that I've seen it always results to having negative impact on the present time. Lol I watched too much anime !