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  1. I Have a cat But I still want an Owl or a Crow
  2. Nothing is clear, but very interesting.
  3. Dracos


    Violet Evergarden, Lucifer, Jessica Jones
  4. My friend went there to school of English, says that there is very cool
  5. Oh, I listen to music almost 24/7 sometimes even during sleep, I have music, and very much connected with something, and makes me feel or remember something, in general, it will be easier for me to say that music is my life. I can not select individual songs.
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    Which pet to buy?

    If you choose from those offered, but Labrador is cute
  7. Dracos

    Snakes everywhere

    I do not understand why many are afraid of them, besides if they are not poisonous
  8. Well, a lot of things, but it's rather difficult.
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    Pet Names

    My Friend's in Russia, called their dog D*ck (And it is not "U") Not knowing what kind of word in English. lol
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    My little beast.

    Hehe.. so cute
  11. modern problems require modern solutions
  12. Cool, my friend lives in Berlin, and he will come to me next week
  13. I think it is much easier to say where they would like to go
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    You are breathtaking!
  15. list for all occasions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)