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  1. THere are millions of people in the world. all was claimed to be created by GOD. If winning and losing depends on what god wants, then I know why is the world is suffering froom terrible events because god is busy helping gamblers win or lose in gambling
  2. just be patient, and never tilteven if you lose 5 strsight just stay composed and try to be logical to your bets
  3. axee

    Best Method

    Almost everyone say its all about luck so I hope bad luck goes away everytime I gamble
  4. 24 7 lol just joking I visit the site for 3 times a week.
  5. axee

    Best Method

    thank you for telling me about jarrod. I didnt know him, I hope his tips will be helpful for me to win
  6. axee

    Best Method

    thank you I guess I need to do some rituals to win lol
  7. try spamming your affliate link in chaturbate, majority of the viewers there are usingg bitcoin to tip. they already have knowledge about bitcoin so all you need for them is to signup and transfer it to PD
  8. Whats the best way to run up 0.2 eth to 10eth? Martingale system or just bet 50 50 rolls and hope for luck. Ive been doing martingale but its only working for short period of gambling because 10 losing streaks can quickly happen
  9. Its nice of you eddie glad youre sharing your blesssigns
  10. I run up 0.00001 btc to 0.05 btc once, no joke I hit crazy 50 straight wins all allin
  11. axee

    Keep on losing

    thank you for replying, Williamsh. No, I wont stop gambling. It's the only thing that I think that will make me rich. I can sustain my losses for now but I'm tired of it. I want to win soon and be rich. I want to party in my yacht while pretty and sexy girls are dancing. I know the chance of it to happen is low thats why I try to learn from the pros so I can increase the chance.
  12. axee

    Keep on losing

    Hey, alrose. Thanks for your time to reply. I know for some people that gambling is for fun but it's different on me. I want it to be my career and make a living out of it. So I would love to learn from other gamblers mistake and knowledge so I can apply it on myself and start winning
  13. Hi, I'm axee. Ive been gambling for 3years using crypto currency but I'm new at playing casino. Since I started, I never win anything. I keep on losing. There are times that I win for some time in day but it always ending up losing everything. I want to win decent amount of money playing in this site, so for the regulars here, I would appreciatee all the advice that you can give to me. Thank you very much and have fun betting. Good luck to all!