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  1. I open use trustwallet..very easy to use..adds use coins automagically..hello mrnice hehe...
  2. Eos has so much to grow but only dev knows i think..this time i rather go for xrp than eos..
  3. i give half to the poor and the other half i start a small bussiness😄
  4. Nobody wont stop when yout losing..so i guess when your half way profit..
  5. A bankroll will be better than loans..invest at bankroll like other site will be best..loans can be abused..
  6. Btc will hit the second buttom by end of the year before it go the new highs at 100 000$...im waiting for the next dip lmao..
  7. A give away without a end..congratulation to the lucky ones..
  8. go for dogecoin it binance will list it soon it will be good to hodl..
  9. Just spent time to your love ones or family it can bring you smile that can cure depression...
  10. You need to throw more money to be able to hit that jackpot..only for rish ones..
  11. Buy bnb and hold for 1 year it will go 50 usd each
  12. When i hit 1900x but realized i forgot to place my bet😧😥