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  1. Thank you sir steve Username: Alrose123
  2. For me yes God is good and can exist his my saviour and also he has a power dont regreat him because he is the only one knows of everything
  3. No, many people so busy doing task for the event or any giveaways
  4. Some chatters there are spammers!! I love to chat to get new friend that is very nice to talk to sharing of strategies
  5. Chat is not dying because so many player busy to play and gamble trying a luck there and hunt hehehehehe
  6. I tjink my high bet in bet is 0.001 ltc all in 2x i madw it and boom hit green hehehe to be double my amount bet
  7. I just started gamble last 2018 of february theres someone told me that in gambling can earn much hehehe thats why i try to start gambling hehehe
  8. People beg coins in primedice because they have no coin to play and no money to deposit thats why they beg or get loan then they will not pay or they will got scam you so be careful to those begging people
  9. Its true new account is so fast to win unlike old account because of the seed hehehe
  10. I hate ltc because its hard to roll in minimum withdraw
  11. Am its ok not all people want that to enjoy gamble is also can make profit that you want to win for your goal to reach it out and its very challenging game that you can gain more knowledge. You can learn from your mistake hehehe
  12. I just play auto and manual in 2x profit i really enjoy in that game hehehe
  13. Pre rolls is good for long term use but i get bored to this to wait the profit hehehe
  14. Gambling is for fun to enjoy no matter what happens when you loose or win just play safe always and loose what you afford hehehe