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  1. for me no challenge is good as i have very less balance and mostly i loss to much rather than winning
  2. i think you r right as they had implemented so many rules and restriction to avoid spam, on one side this is good also, it keep the place away for unnecessary topics
  3. I had played with Doge a lot and lost a lot of them. But that experience was awesome. Just ran out of luck. More over now trying to play with BTC and other coins have little luck here and there but Doge was the best.
  4. in dicebot if i put stop like this if win then nextbet=base else nextbet=previousbet*multiplier end if currentstreak==-30 and currentstreak<=0 then nextbet=0.000000000000001 stop() end it will stop betting as soon as nextbet=0.0000000000001 starts, i need it to stop after the losing streak is hit by a win i.e. 1st 30 bets will go with multiplier after that 31st will be 0.000000000000001 till win is hit, then i want it to stop.
  5. i know that but where to use that command on script mentioned above
  6. if win then nextbet=base else nextbet=previousbet*multiplier end if currentstreak==-30 and currentstreak<=0 then nextbet=0.000000000000001 end if lose streak cross 30, bet will become 0.000000000000001 but what i need it to stop after it wins on this loss streak.
  7. I want my program to do 300 rolls of 1 satoshi with multiplier; if at the end of the 300 rolls all bets were red the next bet will change to 0.0000 satoshi till the win is reached after that win I increase the bet to 2 satoshis with multiplier and roll 300 times more.....and so on. if the profit that is set in script is reached the betting will reset and reseed and start all over again. Problem faced by me:- after 300 roll is breached without win the bet doesnt change to next level, some time it changes and some time it doesnt change.
  8. thx bro i am here if u need any info related to this let me know
  9. sry didint know all about cap letter issue first time here chance=0.99 multiplier=1.0102 base=0.000000000001 nextbet=0.000000000001 bet1= {0.0000000001, 0.0000000002, 0.0000000004, 0.0000000008, 0.0000000016, 0.0000000032, 0.0000000064, 0.0000000128} profit1=0.00001000 maxlevel=#bet1 nextwinbet1 = 1 ivni=false function dobet() if profit >=profit1 then resetstats() resetseed() print("PROFIT ACHIEVED") nextwinbet1=1 end if win and ivni then nextwinbet1+=1 print("netwinbet==========>"..nextwinbet1) ivni=!ivni end if win then print("winnnnnn-------->>>>>") nextbet=base else nextbet=previousbet*multiplier if currentstreak==-1 and currentstreak<=0 then nextbet=bet1[nextwinbet1] if nextwinbet1 == maxlevel then stop() end elseif currentstreak<=-301 and currentstreak>=-15000 then nextbet=0.000000000 ivni=!ivni end end end end end after i lose 300 times in a row it doesnt change to bet1 part-2 ie. 0.00000002 from 0.00000001
  10. Is there any 1 who can help me in editing mistakes in my script.