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  1. i once met an atheist before thats what he said he was. coz of a heartache that almost crushed him. he said he doesnt believe in God before. he's always drunk and doesnt care about anyone or anything, even his own life. till one day he found a book from bunch of trash and care to read it. it was written by bruce wilkinson The Secrets of the Vine. after reading the book he finally back into the person he was. A man who was worthy of God's love. a kind of man that can be proud of by his family and those who love him and he used this as an inspiration to achieved the kind of person he was now. and now i got an inspiration from him. and i loved him so much.
  2. when im bored i am a risk lover lol but when in a good mood more on martiangle
  3. thats true. i also experienced that kind ov winning continously becoz is ma first time to gamble
  4. know when to stop. till now i dunno how to do it hahahaha thats why
  5. high of course. take the risk than spending hours in low p.o
  6. yes its good to do some pre rolls coz i noticed the longer u do the pre roll for about 30-100 rolls it lessen u hit the red train comin lol
  7. i dunno if changing seeds really works. coz whenever i changed mine nothing happens always busted lol