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  1. This is very slow process . During race time it will not work
  2. Dice lacks lots of features . 1) 3 speed Bets. 2) streak of / every 'n' Losses a. stop auto b. reverse target 3) streak of / every 'n' Wins a. stop auto b. reverse target . 4) Stop if bet higher than - 'n' . 5) In the stats window - Max loss , Max loss Streak ,
  3. Carry On The Good Work PD. Love u stake . play4win
  4. al2mert , nice topic u raised. I often found betting speed at exessive speed when the loosing streak increases . This gives less to react . whether to stop or continue. There should be 3 speeds . Slow , Medium and High. and that speed should be constant throughout the entire rolls.
  5. What exactly happens in gambling The money leaves the hands of a person who is not smart enough to retain it and it goes to the one who has outsmarted him,who is perhaps more intelligent than the one who lost. The joy of gaining money in initial rounds encourages an individual to play more and risk more money.At this point he may prove to be a wise player.But as he goes on winning more rounds and making more money,his wisdom gets enveloped by greed and ego.He begins to think that he is invincible.The more he wins,the more greedy he becomes. This is a point which one must know more to say " Exit Point ". If one analyses his exit point . He will never loose.
  6. In New PD i would like to see . 1) 3 speed level betting . 2) More Info on stats window, like Max bet, Max loss . 3) On bet window stop on loss & stop on Win . 4) level system indicating how much wager more required for upper level
  7. Wont say a lie . I never read the rules. But try to be as good as i can , without speaking any slang or create any nuisance in the chat room.
  8. Mostly faucets are a gone by items these days . u cant find any faucet worth the money u could play and win like $ 100-200 per month.
  9. I never had friend circle whom i could refer and earn . But i know a guy who earns only through referals. keeps adding friend and refers them