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    Aazzah got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Bots   
    Hey there MrNice!
    I personally love the rain bot the most. And for the sole reason I like it is because of course... Free cash!  I also love the trivia bot and that because isn't it just fun to have a couple of trivias here and there? It is! It kind of makes the chat more alive and more communications are a thing! I personally love rain bot the most because It is fair and also it is a very cool feature they have on here!
    Have a good day!
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    Aazzah got a reaction from MrNice23 in First Impression?   
    hey there buddy
    I found out about primedice around 5 and a half months ago. I since then,... Have used it a little bit here and there but I have mostly used their partner site. Stake. But that's besides the point
    My first impressions on Prime dice was... It looked a legit and well built site. It looked awesome, it was ran by the same people so I was like hell yeah. Lets use this! I found out about stake first way before that though!  I honestly thought that this site was awesome when I first saw it. I for sure will be playing more here too in the near future!
    Have a good day everyone
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    Aazzah got a reaction from Partyboy in Long contents posts   
    hey there partyboy!
    I mean... I can definitely see where you are coming from by stating this here. I do sometimes do the same thing. I most of the time skim through it all really fast and see what it is about instead of reading the whole entire thing. I normally do this when I am really really tired though. I, most of the time, Do generally try and read it through a couple of times Thoroughly to ensure that I understand what they are on about in a topic. I think it is the best way to do it. To go through it a couple times to understand about the topic.
    Have a good day!
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    Aazzah got a reaction from hudost2 in Do you think PD design is a bit too plain?   
    In all fairness... I think some of us can agree that PD's design on forum and site is a bit plain. Maybe they should add some textures or patterns for the background of the site... Or. give us a custom feature to change the colour of the background on site? I just think that the site is a bit plain at the moment. They could also give us the ability to make buttons bigger ( Switch to over and under ) Because in my experience i Can't click them fast without messing up and not being able to click it
    Who else agrees on this?
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    Aazzah got a reaction from MrNice23 in Which coin do you use the most in Primedice ?   
    Hey there buddy.
    I have the most wagered in the currency... Bitcoin. I have wagered only 100$ or maybe a little more on here in just bitcoin. It is the most I have wagered through any currency. I prefer eth out of all currencies but have never had a chance really to wager much ethereum on this site. But on stake I have wagered almost 100 ethereum
    Have a great day everyone
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    Aazzah got a reaction from paul751 in How many times ur were on HR?   
    hey there paul751 buddy!
    I mean... To say that I rarely use this site anymore... I have literally never been a high roller. I will start to use this site more in the near future so hopefully i can get to high roller then but for now,,, I have never been a highroller. Sadly... I have been high roller many of times on Their partner site... (Stake) so many times. But that's because I mainly use that nothing else... But yeah
    Have a great day and best of luck playing everyone
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    Aazzah got a reaction from JohnTravel in Describe PD In one word/sentence.   
    Hey there everyone here at prime dice!
    I am just quickly creating this simple, short topic about... What would you describe Prime dice as in one word or sentence. Let me know down below guys!!
    If I had to describe it in one word and sentence... I would have the word be, Enjoyable...
    And if I had to describe Prime dice in one sentence... Actually, Let's say this... If I was to describe Prime dice in one sentence to someone that has never used it, I would say this:
    Prime Dice is an original Dice gambling site... It is used with crypto. It is honestly such a memorable experience playing here on this very enjoyable site, it is very relaxing and very time passing stuff. You can do many things here on primedice... You can use the forum, play dice of course and also you can find there partner site out too through the bottom of the page! Amazing site!
    So yeah, that's my one word to describe PrimeDice and my one sentence to describe primedice...
    Have a great day everyone and best of luck playing here on PD! Don't forget to leave your replies and stuff
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    Aazzah got a reaction from MrNice23 in Girls/Women in Primedice   
    Hey mate!
    You are actually 100% correct. Most users that have girl names are actually indeed guys. And also, I honestly don't get why they do this xDDD. But at the end of the day... There are actually a lot of female users. But I reckon that they're a lot more male users. Only for the sole fact that I know a lot more and there seem to be a lot more on prime dice. But yeah.. I think you're 100% correct here mate
    Have a good day!
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    Aazzah got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Platform   
    hey there bud!
    I understand and do know that prime dice is the leading cyrpto gambling platform. But however... I do not have any expectations from prime dice at all. I think it is perfect right as it is now. I think it is great!
    There is only one thing I'd change... And that'd have to be, the background of both forum and site. Because I feel like it is a bit plain. And also... They should add light and dark mode onto site. Like stake used to have before they updated it. That would actually look really really cool.
    But other than that there is basically nothing else i would change... 
    Have a good day dicerssss!
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    Aazzah got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?   
    I feel safe using primedice because... I feel like they are really good on their privacy. And, I feel safe using it yes, Because, I know many people on here that will back me up on stuff and the whole community is just really cool and chill
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    Aazzah got a reaction from MrNice23 in XRP in Primedice!!!   
    I feel like this is a good idea. XRP  is for sure going to draw more people into the site  Which is awesome! Then we could probably meet some new friends.
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    Aazzah got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you usually make the withdraw when you have the chance?   
    To be honest, i really need to work on that,. I do normally withdraw but only when i have 150$+ I wish i could withdraw sooner but i am too greedy, want more more more,
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    Aazzah got a reaction from kippo in How I become addicted to gambling 😁   
    Intresting, I started gambling for a similar sort of reason, I started for an extra bit of cash and also to have fun... I do really enjoy it