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  1. Yes, merry christmas to not just all staff. but all users of the communities of stake and prime dice. The staff are very special to us as they are very supportive and very kind and also very helpful. Once again, merry christmas to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day!
  2. Ehhh, If i remember correctly, i think it was either marija or mirela. Anyway, it was about rakeback. They were very helpful and willing to help in any way possible. Every support member is such kind and helpful
  3. hey, i prefer a pc... I think it is a much more essential device to use when it comes to gaming, messaging, gambling and maybe even phone calls. Gambling on a computer is much more easier than using phone... One because the screen is smaller on phone and two it lags. So yeah. Computer it is.
  4. Wow, great work! That's pretty cool.. I wish i was that good at doing art :D
  5. hey there, JstLikeMagyk! I have never really had any affiliates on any gambling sites to be fair. The only thing close to having affiliates is having like 3 on an earning site. Where you complete surveys etc... But I think I am quite bad at recruiting people to come and use my affiliate link on any site really. I feel like I don't really need them but at the same time it would be really cool if i did. I just don't really know any other ways on how to get affiliates rather than giving it out to a couple of friends but the chances are highly likely that they have already been on the specific site. So yeah... Have a good day
  6. hey there jhon In my personal opinion... You can make a decent income and a decent profit when gambling. It all really depends on luck as one of the key factors of gambling i feel like you can also have a bit of skill. You can for certain get rich. I have seen many and many of people get rich on gambling sites... as i said it is mostly luck! It goes for all gambling sites not just prime dice. So yeah, i think you can get rich. Just make sure you know when to stop and know how to control your self! Have a good day!
  7. hey there error buddy! I feel like I have seen this too... On stake anyway. I haven't really taken much notice of the prime dice races to be completely honest with you. I just am so inactive here on prime dice. If you want me you would definitely find me out on stake But let's put that aside... I think it is also not a problem having multiple accounts when racing. I think as long as you don't type in chat with all of your accounts... Then, you're fine. As many of the other forum users stated above... It is fine to have multiple accounts just don't type with them! Have a good day!
  8. Hey there mate! In my personal experience... I do think I am a bit of a winning gambler, at times. But I feel like most of the time i am losing. Lose lose lose is all it has been lately across all gambling sites. But in all fairness... We all have those lucky days sometimes. in my eyes though to be honest, I am actually about even when it comes to winning and losing normally. I win a decent amount of bets it is just the base bet what i set it to. I think base bet is the most important factor when gambling on online casino's or in real life. Have a good day!
  9. hey there buddy I am followed with most of the prime dice social medias such as facebook and twitter. I am not that active on both of those social media platforms... But i do try my best to keep active and keep up with what is happening around here on prime dice. I however... Sometimes when I am bored, I tend to scroll down and have a look through the prime dice social media page. It is fun to see what everyone has been up to! Have a good day!
  10. i am afraid of a certain type of dog. And that is a rotweiler. had a bad experience with one when i was a kid and I never want to be near one. Put me off ever since.
  11. Hey there buddy I mean, the main goal for me on prime dice or stake for that matter, my main goal is to win one bitcoin. And actually have one bitcoin in my balance and I would take a screenshot of it and show my friends! That has been my goal ever since I have signed up to both stake and prime dice. Have a good day
  12. hey there william buddy I honestly wasn't around I don't think when the daily telegram challenges was a thing on prime dice. I can however relate to being around when the stake daily telegram challenges are happening. I love the telegram challenges. It is something fun and something to look forward too! It is free and it is a good way to hopefully win a bit of extra cash! I wish they still did the telegram challenges on here! Why did they stop doing them... Does anyone know? Have a great day!
  13. Hey there John I personally have never ever, gone for the 9900x payout with actual balance. I have only gone for the 9900x on the stake Telegram challenges. I find it a waste of time and a waste of balance. Because who knows? You could maybe not hit it for like 2 days straight and then the result of that will be losing a lot of balance. But to be fair, you never know when you can hit it either. You could hit it in the first 20 rolls. It is possible! I just don't go for it because In my eyes it is very time consuming and very balance consuming. Have a good day!
  14. hi there jhon I have read the rules but not for a while. i always read the rules on gambling sites when first joining. I feel like that is one of the most important things to do when joining a gambling site or anything for that matter. you need to read the rules for anything that has them to be honest. I haven't really checked up on the rules if they have updated for a while... But I know what I am doing. I know what to do and what not to do. But refreshing our memories doesn't hurt. Have a great day everyone
  15. hey there cntry boy buddy. I personally do not stop if i hit a big multiplier. It all really depends on how much I bet in one go and how much im in profit. I prefer to cash out at higher amounts rather than 20$ or so. I just feel like if i hit a big multiplier with a smaller amount, i don't feel like it is worth cashing if it isn't a win of a 150$ or more. Have a good day
  16. thats cool mate! I kinda love doing the same thing when im bored.
  17. Hey there john buddy! I prefer to gamble on prime dice on Computer because honestly... It is much much more easier and faster and also it gives you a better experience when playing. I prefer to do my gambling and betting on a pc all the time. No matter what site it is I would always prefer to do it on a computer. I can't do phones when gambling It always lags and it is also harder to press the buttons like... Bet, Switch under to over, type in your amount of desired base bet etc... It's just a pain when on you mobile phone. Much easier on a pc. Have a good day
  18. Hey there buddy I personally am here on the forum because I want to communicate and make new friends as you stated above. I of course appreciate the money and rewards that come with it but it is very cool that they have this. It is kind of a good thing that they have this because I feel like they do draw in a lot and I mean a lot of new forum users here. I am here to also share my opinion and communicate with you guys and hopefully give some advice and strategies even. I am quite new to this forum on prime dice but I have been using stake's forum for a while now! Have a good day guys
  19. Hey there raffe! I only go 50% win chance... 2x Multiplier. I have had many many many big streaks of wins not just on here but on other sites too. 2x Is the way to go in my opinion but yeah. I have had at least 13 wins in a row going for a 2x multiplier I probably have had higher but I can't really remember. I do although remember that I have had at least 13 wins in a row for a 50% chance! Have a good day!
  20. I prefer dogs. I think this because I see them more as a family member. Cats are cute too do not get me wrong I just prefer dogs!
  21. A good player in my eyes is that they never give up. I also thing a good player consists of the sole fact that they always make profit, Although gambling may be luck... There is many many strategies and skills you need when gambling. It's not always just about luck! ;D Have a good day guys
  22. Hey there MrNice! I personally love the rain bot the most. And for the sole reason I like it is because of course... Free cash! I also love the trivia bot and that because isn't it just fun to have a couple of trivias here and there? It is! It kind of makes the chat more alive and more communications are a thing! I personally love rain bot the most because It is fair and also it is a very cool feature they have on here! Have a good day!
  23. hey there buddy I found out about primedice around 5 and a half months ago. I since then,... Have used it a little bit here and there but I have mostly used their partner site. Stake. But that's besides the point My first impressions on Prime dice was... It looked a legit and well built site. It looked awesome, it was ran by the same people so I was like hell yeah. Lets use this! I found out about stake first way before that though! I honestly thought that this site was awesome when I first saw it. I for sure will be playing more here too in the near future! Have a good day everyone
  24. hey there mate! I personally have many buddies here on prime dice and stake. I would have to say though... My prime dice buddy has to be neich. @stakeneich . He is such a caring, supportive, loyal person. He is honestly such a legend. I have many more but I don't really want to mention all of them lol! He is definitely my favorite here on prime dice. He is always there if you need someone to speak to... He is always there when you need something... He is just a loyal, caring guy. You are all legends though to be fair! You are all awesome! ;D Have a great day everyone
  25. Hey there buddy. I mean, I know many many people with bad mouse cursor aim and also they shake a lot when betting, especially huge amounts. I, however, Do not ever really have bad mouse cursor aim. I feel like the safest way to bet here on stake and also Prime dice is to have max button disabled. Just in case. You can always type in your all in amount it may be slower but it is a lot more safer. So if you're one of those people with bad mouse cursor aim or shakes alot... Do not have the max button on lol! Just a bad idea haha! Have a good day!