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  1. Recently... I have been gambling a lot less than usual. I am kind of broke at this current time but I can still win trivia's and catch rains which is cool. I sometimes do deposit.. In fact, I deposit quite regularly and i always seem to bust so that's why I am trying to cut down xD. But yeah When i do gamble it is probably for 30-1 hour in duration. Because I am that focused and into it that i blank everything out lol.
  2. Hey dude! I honestly feel like this topic amazed me on how people can pick favorites, I do understand that you can pick favorites but in my eyes that's kinda shady... Especially when all the mods and support members I think are the same. They're all very polite, they're all very helpful and supportive and they all just are legends! I feel like I haven't got a favorite but I defenitely like them all the same! love u PD ❤️ Xd
  3. Aazzah


    Hey! I am currently practicing art for a friend's drawing that I am going to draw for them. They want a manga kind of picture. i am quite skillful when it comes to drawing anime and manga kinda things
  4. Hey mate! You are actually 100% correct. Most users that have girl names are actually indeed guys. And also, I honestly don't get why they do this xDDD. But at the end of the day... There are actually a lot of female users. But I reckon that they're a lot more male users. Only for the sole fact that I know a lot more and there seem to be a lot more on prime dice. But yeah.. I think you're 100% correct here mate Have a good day!
  5. Hey, Kate! What makes me stay here is that I absolutely love the community, the forums, and just the site in general... I have met most people through gambling on these 2 sites stake and primedice. I honestly would probably never leave if i keep on gambling. Imagine if stake and prime dice was to close down That would honestly make me stop gambling so yeah. What makes me stay is that prime dice is unique, polite, community is awesome and the forums is awesome! And don't forget... The support members, mods and eddie! ❤️
  6. Hey bud! I have a few deposits as I don't really use this site regularly... But I have 0 withdraws... Never built up enough/ won enough for to be able to withdraw xD. But When I start to deposit again hopefully soon... I should. Well, hopefully be able to withdraw a couple of times So yeah I have deposited like 7 times and withdraw 0 xd So the ratio is 7:0
  7. This kinda music is actually really exciting... I feel so hyped when I listen to it. Listen to it and tell me what you think!
  8. Hey buddy! I think that the bet speeds kinda determine off of your pc. If it is fast... It will bet quicker and if it is slower, it will be slower. In my experience anyway. But I recently got a new alienware gaming pc and i have noticed a drastic lag decrease within betting on any site. Especially PD. So yeah
  9. Heya neich! I think bonzo is a good idea and not at the same time. The reason i think it is a good idea is that you can get away from chat for a while and also prevent yourself from getting muted for a while. If not forever! So that's bonzo in a good way - Also, You can use it for a time out feature, Which it is basically made for. The bad idea is that people can abuse it and use it for trivia's. like they used to on stake... That's why they removed it on stake for a while and i was kinda glad too. Anyway I think that is the good and bad side of bonzo-ing! Mostly good because of the timeout features lol.
  10. I think it would kill the vibe... In fact, I think it'd kinda ruin the site. Because, we already have stake, we don't need nothing more on PD. Maybe just a couple major updates to the site - Different logo animation so on so fourth... But I think it would be the biggest waste of time to add more game modes to PD. because, it is orignially called prime'DICE' for a reason. So i think if they were to add more game modes, It would be not only just a waste of time but it'd kill the vibe of pd.
  11. My strat is exactly like yours... I go for 2x but with a twist. Everytime i win I up in 2x what my initial bet was. so if 2k doge then 4k doge if i hit it. But if i lose at least 3 in a row i 3x the bet. so 6k etc... But going for 2x I feel like you can go a long way with your money. It isn't to hard to hit it is actually quite easy. basically a 50/50 chance to win
  12. This is quite a hard question to answer... But however, I do not think primedice was the first initial site to add dice to the site. I think was among the first original sites with a good provably fair though. It would be pretty cool if they was tho :d
  13. I don't really see the need to change PD. I think the only thing they need to change is... The logo and also the site theme. I reckon at the moment, It is just a bit plain. That's how i feel anyway. But yeah they don't need to update it much because PD Has only got one game. And stake has many more so they're focusing on stake a lot more at the moment until they get everything sorted on there
  14. Aazzah

    Talking to Pets

    My cat always seems to scratch me... So what i say to them is 'OI, Don't scratch!' Cat: Fakk offf!!! Come here! XD
  15. I think that most beggars would actually do this and try to get money.. They won't ever get money by doing this... It is ridiculous on why they beg, like, if you haven't got the money to gamble with... Don't beg others!!! Especially support! That is honestly the worst idea you could ever have lmao. But I have known many beggars in my life they're just pests mate.