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  1. i dont belive in edge if i have a bad seeds thats will be bad
  2. i hope i have a even 0.1 btc thats will be amazing
  3. i will never change seeds if only play dice game be honest thats doesnt matter
  4. i preffer low base bet and high multiplayer Thats how get profit
  5. an interesting story, i like primedice challenges and hope im enjoy this site
  6. Maybe i can say that new account will have good seeds at frist time depo and play
  7. there have bonzo also? well hope theyre not abuse that for use trivia again cause hui will disable that again
  8. i think they spam for any chance get rain, and waggered with faucet and complain if dont get rain
  9. i preffer autobet when play dice game
  10. Mistake499


    Hello im new in here xD my i from stake