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  1. I use daily the vault. 90% of my funds are in vault and I play with 10%. When I loose I withdraw another 10% from vault. Also when I win I put 10% to the vault.
  2. I gave some small loans 10k to 150k, 90% didn't gave it back. It's a good system to clean your friend list. If they don't give back unfriend and ignore.
  3. I use faucet only for doge, so I will have some coins for challenges and giveaway. In this way I can put autobet and stop on profit for challenges. I make deposits if I want to win.
  4. most of us are degenerate gamblers
  5. I heard about celebration from stake. I like it because I found out that Eddie is 23 years old(crazy!!!!). And I was enjoying the stories about pd history.
  6. I leave it open all day. Even at work.
  7. what about a story of people loosing their house on betting? I think most of the poeople are loosing, not winning.
  8. I like to play small sessions. If I win I deposit the profit in the vault.
  9. I'm Darius from Romania, 38 years, alphamale.