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    Mulmul26 got a reaction from Bojana in ​🎂​ [0.46 BTC] Full Week of Birthday Challenges!   
    Happy Birthday Primedice 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
    Number 1 ☝️☝️☝️👏
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    Mulmul26 reacted to Catja in 6 years of Primedice   
    I came to the primedice to join your celebration. My friends have very fond memories of your site. I hope I can become part of the community. Happy birthday!
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    Mulmul26 reacted to INTDestroy in 6 years of Primedice   
    Agree on that Captain Primedice was so fun  I love rolling here in primedice because there so many nice player and so funny
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    Mulmul26 reacted to Viksen in 6 years of Primedice   
    I have been here for two years. came from a Stake. registered because of the streams. But gradually I started to play slowly and here. Now my morning begins with Stake and Prime. In other casinos, I do not play
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    Mulmul26 reacted to hamato in 6 years of Primedice   
    I joined from 1 year ,, but depost last month 
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    Mulmul26 reacted to CaptainLorca in 6 years of Primedice   
    I really need you to read the opening post in whole.
    I don’t want people to spam that they like to come here. That’s not the point of this topic..
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    Mulmul26 reacted to stakeneich in 6 years of Primedice   
    woah 6 years!! i just joined a few months ago i guess i missed a lot