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  1. Oh y... Ty so much steve... Ty Primedice
  2. quite creative ... maybe just the right color selection right. the rest you are very creative
  3. eddie ... since when did you know gambling? and what is the purpose of your gambling site?
  4. what's your motivation for primedice?
  5. if I have 100 btc ... I will give 25% ... 75% to my personal life. cars, houses, stocks, characters, and playing gambling again.
  6. Happy Birthday Primedice 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 Number 1 ☝️☝️☝️👏
  7. this is not my first site. the first gambling site I played with stake.com. diprimedive it looks like we can get a lot of benefits. hopefully. good luck for you friend
  8. Mulmul26


    Welcome to Primedice ... I'm also here. I hope you and I have good luck. just now I lost 5000 doge, hopefully I'll be back a lot. Good luck for you
  9. My name on pd : IBUsrimulyani. Add me for friendship
  10. who is bonzo? Does the name sound familiar? is he happy? or bar worker?
  11. I think dicebot is more challenging. Moreover, our bet is very large. while the auto bet is very cool if we have a small number of bets but a big bet. I like both
  12. Prime dice and stake are 2 very interesting gambling. I am very familiar with stake. and today I will try to fall in love on primedice.
  13. Nice history... I used to hate gambling. but now I think only with gambling I can change everything.
  14. I am new on pd. I hope pd change my life. How to yo ?