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  1. The funds don't have to be gambled, the roll can be for 0 and hash/nonce can be posted in advance. The idea is that if they are unlucky, they behaved nicely all day for nothing! What a terrible fate!
  2. Suggestion: At the end, make a roll, 50% chance. A loss means no prize is given out. The prize may be rolled forward to the next day instead. Since it costs nobody anything to enter the giveaway, nobody has a right to complain.
  3. It's called the "seed" or "recovery phrase" and as long as you have that you will be fine. All your private keys can be generated from that string of words.
  4. That's what lots of celebrities thought about their pictures on the cloud. If their security can be compromised it's difficult to imagine why yours cannot. There is a very good reason why most wallets will remind you over and over again to store them offline and not through other electronic means, including cloud storage.
  5. I don't particularly have any goal, in general I don't want rolls that result in too small a win to see. I could lose all my balance on both sites and still be fine, anything deposited in a casino is play money to me, and if anyone feels differently, well, they are just putting additional pressure on themselves for no good reason.
  6. BTC is balancing on the 10k mark today. I think it's fair to say crypto winter is officially over. However for me, this price level is not enough to change my life, since I don't have that much and didn't buy at the 3k low points. I'm greedy and want nice things! 20-25k, and I would happily sell every satoshi I have. For Eth I think about 1.5k is enough? I never did think of Eth as real money anyway, just Eddie rain units. What price level would make you sell every single bit of crypto you have?
  7. Feel like Auger Aliassime keeps getting underrated, he can do chunky upsets on a good day. Don't like women's tennis much, gotten burned in the past, I'd rather just pick handicaps and lose the 50/50 instead of ML.
  8. For over 0.01 I check the first and last few characters of the address, anything more than 0.1 I try to check a few more. I've sent and received a ton of btc over the years, had a few mistakes but haven't lost any yet due to wrong transfers. Also I just find something else to do when waiting, if I don't, I will keep peeking to see if the transfer is done.
  9. I gambled a lot when I was young, if multitable grinding micro stakes limit poker counts as gambling. (Do people even play limit poker any more?) Learned a lot of valuable lessons from it and would recommend it to children, no kidding. A lot of the time, children learn things in school which have zero practical application, I'm not against this but it's so easy to have the feeling you have learned a lot but the only thing you can do is answer quiz questions on TV. For me, poker was one of the earlier things I learned by myself, for myself. Read up on modern theory, watched endless videos, went through so much math, strained my memory, kept notes, tracked my progress, reviewed my own history. Probably other skills would do fine, nowadays there are lots of competitive video games that test these skills that are more suitable for children, but it was poker for me and I built up confidence knowing I could have some success if I put my mind to it.
  10. 12.90 Bet: 32,190,653,907 placed by allisonn on 20/06/2019 Wagered 2.80000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02856000
  11. Not a trader. I have maybe 0.01 on an exchange? Not sure.
  12. I have lost more in a single day of price drop than in all my years of gambling. The next day, the price dropped the same amount, again. Yes, I still remember the feeling. It's hard to describe. Very mixed emotions.
  13. Simplest way is to create the transaction and transfer it via text string, file or QR code to the offline device to "sign". Then the signed transaction is again loaded into an online computer to broadcast.
  14. Don't like the idea of paper wallets at all imho. When you say paper wallets 'are made...' you mean you trust some other unknown guy who knows your private keys to not sweep your entire wallet? Even self-generated paper wallets not using 100% paranoia may not be safe, especially if you use those very convenient sites to help generate and print out a wallet. They also encourage reusing of addresses.