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  1. I use dicebot, it gets fasters after 10satoshis, but i didnt notice much difference on bets bigger then 10sats.
  2. How are bet speeds determined? I noticed bet speeds are higher after >=10 satoshi bets, but I didn't see much difference after that. Fastest is 1 bet per second I think. Does anyone bets at higher speeds? Its not so bad but it is not super nice waiting for autobet to catch 9900x for hours. What is your opinions on betting speeds?
  3. Yes. Luck under %100 means you had more reds than expected, Luck over %100 means you had lesser greens than expeced. Luck will be very close to %100, if you make millions of bets. But it can vary to %80 to %120 in short periods.
  4. you will bust eventually. not in 10k rolls maybe, 100k rolls, 1million?
  5. luck =99.9797979799 //for some reason luck starts with 100.0011xxx instead 100. I was too lazy to debug, it is easier to set luck as 99 something. //you gotta calculate the 99."xxxxx"<- every time you change your chance, or find some other fix to start from //100, to be percise onWin { luck =luck + ( (100 / chance)*100) } bet amount is not relevant