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  1. Everything in life needs sharp awareness to the uncontrollable factors of Luck, and Timing... Those of us with lots of experience all can agree on certain observations that are too common to be explained purely by statistical inference. Like "Rushes" happen, they really do. And for some odd reason, when you're up a lot in winnings and start to lose - you lose A LOT in a very SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME in the beginning that you only make worse by fighting against. Hail Mary Wins to Everyone. If you play for long enough, you will hit a jackpot - sooner or later.....!
  2. Where can I find the Dicebot? How do I use it?
  3. So yes the DICE part is obvious, but whaat about the PRIME part? As the famous internet interactive mystery, Cicada 3301 said in their manifesto publication "The Liber Primus" : "All primes are sacred." Anyone ever use primes in their seed strings? Check out the mathematics discipline of Sequences and have fun learning about various Numbers Theory & Analysis in multi-base systems. Prime numbers are of course, a pure number sequence based on the rule set being numbers that can only be divided rationally by 1 and N (itself). Pallindromic primes, Totient primes, Etc. makes a great rabbit hole welcoming conspiracy theorists and the mathematically inclined, as well as the challengers of status quos... Happy 6th PrimeDice, glad to be here! May all your rolls be live...
  4. XRP is an anomaly. Ripple Labs, the blockchain start-up behind XRP has shown strong fundamentals and growth indicators all along; but that is merely the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, the Ripple protocol resembles that of a permissioned, or private blockchain, which will be subject to foundational differences that will ultimately limit its potential as a Distributed Ledger Technology. That and its specific use-case (and entire existence) lies in sharp conflict with its core "supply chain distributor" - banks. It takes a deep understanding of markets and business strategy to be able to fully grasp what the Team at the helm of Ripple is challenged with, let alone try to anticipate the increase of its overall network value. When speculating investment into the native coin XRP, this particular case highlights the importance in distinguishing your understanding of Ripple aka. "The Company" and XRP "the cryptocurrency." Start there. If Ripple plays their hand perfectly, then the venture capital behind them will have deserved their returns and chalk up a victory for crypto that would have required a feat worthy of recognition BUT, credit the win to reasons outside of crypto's scope of abilities. Perhaps the venture capital has been provided by the banks themselves already, or perhaps if not the case then the SWIFT+R3+Corda coalition will fight to retain incumbancy. And do notice that the price of XRP remains a completely separate matter, and has little utility to bloom in nominal value for any party to this equation: benefitting only the retail investor (read: YOU) and the treasury (Ripple's founding team, pre-money equity) which is being held largely in escrow. So... Of course, this is not financial advice. Always do your own research when making investment decisions. And never invest more than you can afford to lose. I am a blockchain professional, educator, and former digital asset fund manager. I bought XRP at $0.26 in April 2017, sold highest at $2.96 and exited at $1.46. I haven't bought any more since. No, I'm not rich - I never had much capital to begin with but have ridden this rollercoaster like you would not believe... AND IT ALL STARTED WITH DICE!!! By the way, Bitcoin will always be Bitcoin. Where the fuck is my P2P Electronic Cash System? Let's get some things straight here. Dash for the Cryptocurrency Payment Network of Tomorrow. XRP for Financial Intermediary Remittance. Behind great big smoke n mirrors. Stellar to Reshape Digital Assetization. Tezos to Enable Guilds & Oligarchys, EOS to Power Cartels and Liberators... Lightning is a sham unless you route directly to a node. And Sharding is when you fart and a bit of shit comes out unexpectedly.
  5. Thank you guys! I am from Bangkok, amidst the hustle n bustle hub of the South-East... where things are simple, beautiful, and not quite what they seem - anyone been for a visit?
  6. Since this community is so honed on dice, I was curious to see if anyone had run into good features on some of the competing dice sites that they wished were part of PrimeDice? Open floor!