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    Shermhead reacted to moisesolivar in Fully Automated | Script Decides the best combination for your balance   
    Took me a while to get the math part done, but yeah, you don't have to do anything. It chooses the best combination of payout, bet multiplier, and base bet for your balance. Profit per hour/day will depend on your overall balance. The best part is, it's extremely low risk, like really. Extremely low risk. 
    Minimum balance is 0.005 to prevent infinite loops with the formula! Basically an upgraded martingale with automatic calculations and 2 features. Let me know of any features you want in this script.
    PS. Tested on my laptop with an i5 processor. If you're running on a lower processing unit, or something old, or really old, Dicebot WILL look like it's frozen, but it's actually just doing the math, and will be fine in a couple of minutes. Be patient. Wait, sit back, and relax.
    tipu="username" -- where to tip tipt=false -- enable/disable tipping on hitting profit target. true = enable, false = disable target=0.0005 -- target profit, also tip amount rs=true -- set true to reset after hitting target, false to stop after hitting target -- Dont change anything beyond here p=1.98 m=1.01 b=balance bb=0.0001 f=(bb*m^(p*10))*(m/(m-1)) ff=(bb*m^(p*10))*p fa=0 mod=1 while fa <= 0.00000001 do if b < 0.005 then print("Minimum balance : 0.005") break end f=(bb*m^(p*10))*(m/(m-1)) ff=(bb*m^(p*10))*p if mod == 1 then m=m+0.01 end if mod == 2 then p=p+.01 mod=1 end fa=ff-f while f > b and fa <= 0.00000001 do bb=bb-0.00000001 f=(bb*m^(p*10))*(m/(m-1)) ff=(bb*m^(p*10))*p fa=ff-f if bb < 0.00000001 then bb=0.0001 m=1.01 mod=2 break end end end if b >= 0.005 then print("Payout") print(p) print("Loss Multiplier") print(m) print("Base Bet") print(bb) print(fa) end chance=99/p nextbet=bb wc=0 rc=0 bethigh=true enablesrc=false enablezz=false pt=balance+target function dobet() if balance < 0.005 then stop() end if win then rc=rc+1 nextbet=bb if wc < 2 then wc=wc+1 else if bethigh then bethigh=false else bethigh=true end wc=0 end if balance >= pt then pt=balance+target if !rs then stop() end if tipt then tip(tipu,target) end end else nextbet=previousbet*m rc=rc+1 end if rc >= 200 then resetseed() rc=0 end end