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  1. Hi, I found a really nice way to get enough money to pay my phone bill just by using my phone ordinarily as I did it before. Literally, you don't need to do anything, just install app called Honeygain and leave your device on the net. Honeygain works on Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can expect usage of up to 2GB per day, although based on the network speed, it can reach a maximum of 15GB per day. You earn credits for every KB of data you bring in, and after collecting enough of credits, you can convert them to USD. You earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB you’ll earn 1USD. Each month you can earn up to $50, so that should be enough for your phone bill, right? What do you think about that, guys?
  2. Shawshank redemption for sure is the best movie of all time. You must definitely see it