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  1. I see that trust is difficult to get A few precisions : - We are licensed by bustabit. Proof : https://bustabit.com/license.txt (Check crashdice.com listed) - "Maybe they just looked for investors to scam. Now it's down again and I don't think it's temporary. I don't trust these sites easily." I think it's simple enough to monitor our hot wallet and have a proof of funding. We already have a 600 ETH Bankroll, and it's growing fast. - I suggest you to read our official bitcointalk thread with a lot of reputable members vouching for us : Proof : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5142238.0 About the fact that we were offline for a few hours, it was a necessary step to organize our seeding event (Oh, another proof that our game is legit, check our bitcointalk thread) and fixing some Anti-DDos last minute problems. See you on crashdice !
  2. Louie, Kims and myself are proud to announce Crashdice.com - a brand new Ethereum crash game! Our game is now available in beta mode with fake ethos. (an ethos is a millionth of 1 Ethereum) Every created account will be credited with a (Fake) 1,000,000 ethos Bankroll to try our game for free. We decided to launch this project to give the community the well known crash game, based on Bustabit original idea, with some important differences. See below How does it works ? Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can bust at any time, and you'll get nothing! Another crash game ? What are the main changes ? Based on Bustabit original idea, we created a new Ethereum crash game with the idea to be complementary to other reputable competitors. We decided to replace the bonuses with the weekly challenges, our bankroll is open to investments and other new things will be added after our beta launch. Weekly Challenge : We collect 0.5% on every bet, add them into a bonus pool. Every Sunday, we reward our players to the top 5 players who wagered the most and who lost the most. Bankroll Investments: Invest in the house and participate to profits (or losses) Provably fair: We have a 0.5% effective house edge (1% flat house edge from crash points and 0.5% house edge given to Weekly Challenge with guaranteed distribution to the winners) and all our games are verifiable using our JSFiddle tool. Useful Links (WIP): Official Discord : https://discord.gg/38GXAvc Beta launch event (start on 05/13 - ends on 05/19) : We decided to organize an event with a real prize pool while we are still in beta, that way, you can try our game for free and win real Ethereum if you win the launch event! We will reward the top 5 players with highest net profit at end of the beta period: #1 : 1 ETH #2 : 0.5 ETH #3 : 0.1 ETH #4 : 0.1 ETH #5 : 0.1 ETH Note: Each user may only create one account during the beta period to be legible for the launch event reward. Multi-accounts will lead to automatic forfeiture of launch event participation, and no rewards of any kind will be given.