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  1. Thanx for the question MrNice23. I'm currently "perfecting" (haha, grin) a X2 game...and enjoying it! Cheers! 😎 ...further; to show how much fun I'm having playing X2; here is a current stats report: "wagered 0.00352216 profit 0.000871380 wins 80 losses 87 bets 167 luck 96.78% How about them apples..(hehe,grin) Cheers! 😎 ..ok, about 30 minutes later; A stats update): wagered 0.01971317 profit 0.001836590 wins 342 losses 363 bets 705 luck 98.00% If I can consistently get these kinds of results; would that indicate a good strategy? Cheers! 😎