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  1. Bet: 32,550,644,773 placed by DanielRandomD on 04/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003700 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00029600 Bet: 32,550,667,833 placed by DanielRandomD on 04/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003700 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 0.00362600
  2. some can. stake and primedice are verified tho. you can use provably fair
  3. honestly if you spend more time and money than you want to its bad.
  4. i believe it might be much more some days. but way less sometimes surely
  5. its nothing new casinos win. i dont mind because we shall be happy they are providing us fair enviroment
  6. i like mixing them up. sometimes expensive ones other times cheap one
  7. thats why i will like lower percentage of jackpot but real chance of hit
  8. Hello I am new user to primedice but to be honest with you i am long time user on stake so yeah. I will like to suggest few changes to the current jackpot system. First of all the fact its not automated and its self reporting right now is pretty shitty. I dont think it should be too difficult to automate. Also the idea of hitting 77.77 twice is not really interesting if you ask me but yeah thats just my opinion. My suggestion will be something not so uncommon so every user can experience the hype of being close to jackpot. Of course percentages will be lowered. My idea : Above the jackpot there will be space for 10-20 Lights. You can click on them and you will have to hit 50/50 bet 20 times in a row to win it. Damn it will be much more appealing if you ask me.
  9. isnt it 2000? sorry if i am missing something i just came from sta