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    Catja got a reaction from Mulmul26 in 6 years of Primedice   
    I came to the primedice to join your celebration. My friends have very fond memories of your site. I hope I can become part of the community. Happy birthday!
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    Catja got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice and What Else ?   
    I came here from stake. Before stake there were several sites from my region. The difference is huge, I am very glad that I found you 😃 
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    Catja reacted to stakeneich in If you had 100 BTC   
    ice cream!
    i like the 2nd part. i guess i would spend the most of it for my mum. Car/House and enough money that she has never to go to work again
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    Catja reacted to lint59 in What pets do u have?   
    The Persian is named NOOR 
    and the other one is Zorro for his eye patch 

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    Catja reacted to Benjiex in What pets do u have?   
    I have a Great Dane and a labrador. 

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    Catja reacted to lupandina in What pets do u have?   
    Well, it's my dog Blueberry
    I have also cat and aquarium

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    Catja reacted to athena2007 in What pets do u have?   
    hey ya this is my dog PING whats his breed.. i dont have a clue.. obiediant and a great friend xx we luv u PING

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    Catja reacted to Omikami in What pets do u have?   
    I have a beautiful, sweet, affectionate and kind cats her name is Laska

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    Catja reacted to Kate in When is Primedice gonna have another design?   
    I think primedice forum needs a dark mode now since already stake has got one and primedice needs it too , there should be equality on what each of the forum gets in my opinion.