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    Cathy got a reaction from Dboyeric in What do you do when You lose a lot?   
    I just chill and take a rest. Dont try to out of control when you lose its risky
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    Cathy got a reaction from Noeprellik1 in Why do we still play dice in primedice ?   
    I play dice for often for fun but sometimes I play it for profit. Primedice casino is the most tested dice casino gambling website since its first launch. It also has a big community that I am able fo chat my countrymen for a hepful tips and tricks regarding primedice. 
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    Cathy got a reaction from MrNice23 in High or Low payouts ?   
    I like x5 below, I am more comportable with that pay out compared to x99 above as it easier to hit and recover.