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  1. Username: HappyTree Thankssss eddie love youu
  2. Username: HappyTree Thankssss eddie love youu
  3. Username: HappyTree Thankssss eddie love youu
  4. Username: HappyTree Thankssss eddie love youu
  5. I dont use faucets cause they need time and giving just few sats with a hell of ads and viruses, and even if i deposited that few money, i can get bust easy so yea its not worth to give it try. rasing my balance on pd with the rains that happen all time, doing the challenges and from coupons sometimes
  6. Bet: 31,118,353,918 placed by HappyTree on 15/05/2019 Wagered 0.00008800 Multiplier 1.05x Profit 0.00000440
  7. A great bet mr! Its was lucky you got it For me the biggest profit in one bet is 30k doge and dang it was very hot and excitement moment!
  8. Its nearly not possible to make 1 btc in a single day with few sats, if you have big balance you can get it with high bets, but not everyday.... you will bust all
  9. HappyTree

    hi all

    Hey! Welcome to Primedice lovely family! Good luck with dice here 😉
  10. Well have lot buddies on pd, but the prefer one is @trigon cause he is very kind and fun
  11. even when have half year on this, but this still miracle! i have to test this strat on someday!
  12. I always chat while i bet, i think im addicitive to chat lol, sometimes i eat snacks while dice too
  13. Busting is a huge pain for gambler even when he know he will bust, but lets get the truth, gambling is gambling so if you bust thats it , you lost the game For me when i bust big, i feel sad ,angry, depression and want to sleep all day but this all go by 2 or 3 days
  14. I change my seed always when i feel its time to change it, but i think seeding change can make you avoid the coming reds wave
  15. I made 16k doge to 70k doge on 2x Made 0.005 btc to 0.021 btc on 2x