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    nolep got a reaction from kelseyking in The meaning of "play smarter"?   
    I would rather define smart playing as a player who can control emotions so that it doesn't make us suffer a lot of losses, but of course playing in gambling will make everyone play by relying on luck. and also every advantage is determined by luck so maybe playing smart is a way to get good luck.
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    nolep got a reaction from jenkhu in Latest crypto coin price analysis   
    Hello friends, I will invite you to discuss about this news. I am a gambling player who is very active in trading so I will help friends who need news like this
    news link https://cointelegraph.com/news/price-analysis-april-10-btc-eth-xrp-bch-bsv-ltc-eos-bnb-xtz-link
    I myself think the analysis in the news is quite helpful because yesterday I almost lost and still had time to sell the bitcoin that I have, and the current price of bitcoin is still going up and down in the price of $ 6800 to $ 6900 is still trying to keep on looking at the chart. a quick rise to $ 7,000 or down immediately.
    I hope this news is very helpful,
    What do you think ? I really want to know your opinion?
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    nolep got a reaction from VoodooBoy in Legalizing marijuana   
    I really want marijuana to be legalized in my country for a variety of reasons, I myself know the many benefits of cannabis so it is very necessary if marijuana is sealed as a medicine but it must be regulated. I really want to grow marijuana because it can be used to cure a lot of diseases so it's time legal marijuana is not prohibited.
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    nolep got a reaction from Rade in Make Primedice display dark mode   
    hello my friends want to tell you how to make your appearance while playing into dark mode both web and forum, I myself use this because my eyes are easily tired when playing if using the usual display.
    I highly recommend you try it so that you can feel at home while playing, so you can simply install the dark mode extension in the chrome you are using and you will be able to see your display change to dark mode
     this is the look now

    if there is a problem when I want to try it I will help you
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    nolep got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    I have never done this because I have a part time job that I have to finish at night because I have a day job, so I cannot do that and I will choose to sleep because it makes my body become excited.
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    nolep got a reaction from 999qwerty999 in Jackpot is 113 BTC now!   
    it is very difficult for anyone to successfully do it, because there are conditions that are very difficult to be fulfilled in betting so that every one who wants to play certainly does not dare for fear of loss. I can give advice if possible can be changed with other coins such as litecoin with the same amount as bitcoin which is 113 litecoin, so that it is easier to succeed.
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    nolep got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    primedice celebrates birthdays but no celebratory event is given to all players, be it a gift coupon or increase paid per forum post so that it can make this forum crowded.
    Do you feel that your birthday is nothing special , I have been waiting for it but still not there.
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    nolep got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    wow you've been in primedice for a very long time ... what changes have you felt the most from primdice from the past to the present ?
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    nolep reacted to Dan in 📢 Discontinuing Pay per Post   
    Hi All,
    Today marks the end of an era for our Pay per Post initiative on the Primedice forum.
    For 4 years now, we have been running this initiative to help develop a flourishing community with the intention of encouraging the production of quality content creation and discussion, coupled the ultimate goal to fuel a larger SEO reach.  This long journey has been a great learning experience for everyone involved.  
    Thank you everyone who participated in this fruitful initiative, I'll leave you all with some fascinating facts about what we were about to achieve over the years.
    Total Cashouts: 1528
    Total funds distributed: 0.98541273 BTC
    Number of users paid: 421
    Most earned by a single user: 0.05489903 BTC
    With regards to your forum reward balance, that will remain for a few months until it is also phased out.  
    Cheers, Dan
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    nolep got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Have your profit made your mind satisfied ever?   
    I tried to be satisfied when I managed to improve my balance and when the game that I was doing started to look bad and got a lot of red, I would stop and I would continue it another day when I was ready. so the satisfaction of profit is in ourselves.
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    nolep reacted to kasinojacob in Have you ever borrowed money to gamble?   
    As I mention in the title I would like to know if you have ever borrowed money to gamble? I have done that a lot of times, and I regret everytime I did it. When I borrow I think that I will win some, and then pay back, but I always end up losing. It wasn't so hard for me when I only borrowed from companies, but I have started again to borrow from friends, and that's very bad, because I lie for the reason I want to borrow, and I feel so bad when I dont pay them back when I said I would.
    Most of them know that I am addicted to gambling, but I dont think they know I used the money on gambling. I hope the money I borrowed today and lost, will be the last money I ever lend to gamble with. 
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    nolep got a reaction from kasinojacob in Fewer active forum users   
    I am not very active in the pegs because I was active there but never got an exact reply with the post that I made so I prefer to stop and be active here.
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    nolep got a reaction from Chikou1306 in The importance of stopping when getting profit   
    I will make this as the beginning of the change in how I play, I tried a few days to be able to stop when I get a profit so when I managed to get a 10k satoshi profit I will leave it and watch YouTube to be able to control emotions so that I am not a greedy player and can make lose loss.
    You can do this your own way, if you like playing games you can replace it by playing games to break the session and continue gambling when ready, do it until your target withdrawal is reached .
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    nolep reacted to @zulfandina in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    maybe for yourself the results will go like that, you can forget about all your losses in gambling after you chat with the people closest to you, or share affection with them ..
    but for some people it might only be temporary. I think that treating boredom when you lose is only one way, which is to win it back by winning the bet. so that the heart and mind will be calm
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    nolep reacted to kasinojacob in How much is the high wagered you made for a day online gambling?   
    Under a week ago I made 3 accounts bronze VIP and over 50% to silver VIP on one of them, so that is over 5 btc wager in One Say. I Know that I have wagereed much more Than that in one day, but that is many years ago, when the price of btc wasn't as high as now. I remember back than I got from 0.054 btc to 0.998 btc, in One Say, and then løsning og all the same way. I think I wagered over 5 btc that day as well. Especially because I was doing it using 88% win chance  
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    nolep got a reaction from UltraChief in When will bitcoin run out?   
    I just found this out, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was greatly helped by the explanation you gave because the opinion that I had was wrong.
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    nolep reacted to UltraChief in When will bitcoin run out?   
    Fees depend on how much congested the network is at any instant of time. Mining the transaction is a inherent process of creating the new blocks for the blockchain. Fees increase when the load on miners is big, but it is transient and with time as the network is decongested the average fees reduce again. There are some online resources to check this and choose the right time to send at cheap fees.
    Also check what is Segwit and Lightning Network. Using a segwit wallet incurs less fees but not all sites support it yet. LN is newer system which is completely in terms of what cryptocurrencies ideals is and is going to be a big change in future if fees become a bigger problem.
    Halving has no such effect on "increasing" the fees. But a falsely positive rise in fee can happen before the halving because everyone is trying to get a quick sell done on exchanges and this leads an inflated fee value.
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    nolep reacted to UltraChief in When will bitcoin run out?   
    Mining is how bitcoin are minted called block subsidy and passed on to the supply through the miner(s) of that block. The halving is a process that halves the amount of block subsidy and thus reduced the amount given to the miner per block. Since the total amount of bitcoin to be minted is fixed, the 21mil will finally be the amount to be minted in total. This does not mean that after all coins are mined the coin will shut down. It means no more coins are to be minted but the transactions that are done will be mined because the blockchain has to go on with newer transactions.
    So this debate ends up with one thing only, people use bitcoin and thats why there will be a demand for bitcoin. Now every halving is important to keep the supply to the miners at check and so that they dont the opportunity to continuously dump huge amounts of coins and crash the market.
    Bitcoin will not just disappear. The amount of bitcoin owned by someone is a the result of some type of "work". It was mined by someone and then it has been changing hands (ownership) from one person to another in exchange of some other currency. Just like any other fiat currency in the world.
    So why this false idea of "bitcoin running out and people moving to another coin" comes up during every halving?
    I have seen this with every halving and thus what I understand is that some altcoin lovers are jealous of the rise of bitcoin and they want their coins to go up to but they never do because altcoins dont have any proper or actual use case. They will always be secondary to bitcoin. It is their method of market manipulation to make people sell bitcoins for buying their coins and in doing so the people who are holding altcoins can sell and get a profit.
    The important thing in this market is to keep your mind clear on what you are putting your money in. Bitcoin is something to be kept for the long term or even short term for day trading but if you are going for an altcoin the be careful because none of them actually have anything to build on.
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    nolep reacted to Chikou1306 in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    how about we quit gambling and make ourselves happier and our loved ones proud ? it will be much better than being weak in front of them after every loss !!
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    nolep got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    happy birthday primdice, I just found out if primdice has a birthday that is close to the year of my birth. I really want to be able to get the success that was obtained while primedice existed.
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    nolep got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Get my jackpot to stop gambling   
    I will not gamble after successfully getting the jackpot, because the amount of 113 bitcoin is already very large and can make me stop playing. I just hope there are people who dare to challenge me, I will quit all gambling sites and I will make an effort in the real world and there are many things that I will do and I will live away from gambling and will not play again.
    I will use 113 bitcoin as well as possible and I think I can make it more 😀.
    How about you guys, what dare to stop gambling after successfully getting the jackpot.
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    nolep reacted to @zulfandina in How much is the high wagered you made for a day online gambling?   
    life must indeed work for the sake of making money, and money is a continuation of human life. people's fortune is different, there are many who are few. I hope you get a job soon, friend. and if that happens, don't forget to not be greedy in gambling. prioritize the family first, the rest you can spend it on primedice, make a gradual bet, recover the previous defeat and achieve your dreams with a win with primedice
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    nolep reacted to BidaManEris in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    If you are an avid fan of gambling for fun, regrets are of little things that you would actually worry. Feeling regret and guilt after gambling only means that you have problems that you need to consult with a professional.
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    nolep reacted to @zulfandina in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    I have tried this and it has proven to be good for reducing feelings of sadness after losing gambling. but this is only a temporary reaction. I will only feel happy and will not feel sad anymore if I manage to recover my defeat I won the bet.
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    nolep reacted to kasinojacob in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    When you hug someone for 30 seconds or more dopamin will be released in your Braun, and that's what makes you Feel good/Better. This will Also work Even if you haven't lost anything, it will most likely work worke even better. There is evidence that hugs make you more relaxed and happy. So hopefully Covid-19 restrictions will soon be over, so we can start to hug again