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  1. I would say stake and primedice sites are the best, I can get a lot of benefits from both sites. although I also have experienced many defeats but still I enjoyed the game.
  2. but that alone is not enough just to invite new players, I think most new players will come when there are prizes such as a faucet with a large amount, of course new players will come. Do you agree with what I say?
  3. Cheers, I'm also the same as you always play over and feel over is the best side. according to my experience playing side over is quite lucky and sometimes I do a combination in both.
  4. so that means when you play, you use the computer and you control the game. so what I mean is the seed does not really determine the game because it is very determined by you and when you play you control it. do you understand ?
  5. do you also use crypto coins there? otherwise, I might never try to play on the site. I will try if there is a prize distribution and it is used to play
  6. emotions that can sometimes be destructive when playing, I myself when experiencing losses will definitely feel upset and start playing brave and bet not according to the initial strategy and this is also what makes the balance run out.
  7. very true what you say, my computer is holding it and controlling it. However, I often change the seed and it helps to increase luck a little, but what makes it damaged is also the emotions that cannot be controlled.
  8. I hope to add features such as a calculator so that it is easier to do calculations. but of course it takes time, I want to know what features you want for the future?
  9. I don't expect primedice to close, but I can feel the owner has begun to reduce support for primedice. but as I said in other topics, primedice will not be closed because without primedice, there will be no stake.
  10. it's very much in accordance with my experience of playing, btw that's a very good animation I immediately downloaded it. thank you
  11. the owner must have thought about the division of rooms and what coins are used, I think of course coins that have a stable price so that all players will not suffer losses if there is a decline, maybe you have a coin that has a stable price?
  12. losses will make us think primedice dice is unfair, I also experienced what you said when you suffered a major defeat, I immediately said if this primedice site is unfair, after the emotions are gone I think maybe I am out of luck. emotions are also very influential in gambling.
  13. Damn, you managed to hit on the payout. I want to ask, how much red length did you get? how many initial bets did you use? what balance do you use to play? please answer, I really want to know, thank you.
  14. primedice will not be closed, because this is the oldest gambling site and also the founding of the stake originated from here, so there is a possibility that if there is no primedice there will be no stake, so the owner will keep primedice running even though it is not crowded.