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  1. bener gan , dulu itu saya internet cuma buat ngegame . setelah di pelajari bisa digunakan sebagai tempat mencari uang sehingga mulai fokus dan akhirnya males mau keluar rumah buat mancing lagi . dan juga saya jadi takut kwkw kalau mau mancing mikir mikir gak kayak dulu sangar
  2. manual play is indeed quite exciting if it's in line with what we expect because sometimes if it's not appropriate then the emotions will start to be provoked, I myself play automatically when looking for a big payout because it will be tiring if playing with the manual
  3. both of them must be together because it will be a strong possibility we can get a lot of benefits, but I am still more fortunate because if we are not lucky of course we cannot get the benefits we want. as I said above
  4. Very good calculation, I myself counted the game that I did with the aim that I could hold a long red in the game and also this could be used to minimize the losses that I would experience so I did this before playing. balance is also important if we are less likely to experience a hefty loss
  5. You have to control yourself friend, at least it does not harm yourself because of course it is very detrimental if you hurt yourself. I myself if you experience defeat really want angry angry angry, but I control it by not doing anything harmful. often I prefer to sleep immediately to forget about defeat
  6. ikan yang akan didapatkan juga besar om , soalnya ada yang pernah dapat 10 kg ikan kakap asli besar banget terus juga ikan pari 10kg ada yang pernah dapat. saya si pernahnya cuma yang ukuran sedang , dan hampir dapat ikan pari yang besar cuma putus senarnya pas sudah putus ikannya naik keatas asli kesel sendiri. untuk saat ini gak pernah lagi ,lebih sering ngendep di kamar hahahaa
  7. absolutely right, because I once had a good strategy to run on a bot, but it only lasted for an hour because if it passes, it would definitely suffer a losing streak that made me suffer a lot of losses so even though using a bot there is no guarantee of always winning.
  8. wow it's really hard to do because you can change your balance to 2x, I myself really want to be able to continue to do things like that but the longer it is difficult to do so I will try to find 10% slowly and indirectly.
  9. I will be happy when I get a profit but I will be very sad if I experience defeat so I will try to continue to benefit. but the most difficult is to accept defeat because it must suffer a loss that makes every player unable to accept it, but it is a risk before playing.
  10. of course good luck because even if we get a good seed but it is not lucky of course will get a loss. so I really hope that when playing can get good luck so I can get the many benefits that I expect.
  11. yang manual soalnya hidup di daerah pelosok , jalanannya juga cukup sulit . kalau menggunakan motor gigi masih enak kalau matic mah susah banget . tapi kalau buat ngebut ya enak matic , jika buat melewati medan yang sulit motor gigi lebih baik.
  12. of course will continue the game that I did until it could be hit or if it fails to be ready to lose the balance that I have. in playing of course you have to be prepared to lose so I don't want to change if it's not hit.
  13. my goal in 2020 is still the same, i want to be able to continue to benefit. and also I will target within one month can get extra money just from gambling. and for bingtang it might be a betting gift that I made and I won't hunt it down.
  14. thank you, I will do a consultation by contacting the contact listed on the site. I myself felt that these days I played and it was very difficult to get a victory so I experienced this. maybe I need to stop for a certain period of time
  15. hello my friends these days I have stopped playing gambling and while I slept experienced something that surprised me. so I slept by playing music with earphones then I felt like I was opening primedice and playing gambling, it was like real. I saw the screen of my cellphone that was opening primedice and was playing. I then tried to stop but finally realized I was hallucinating. I myself strongly advise you not to be too serious when playing because it disturbs your life, hopefully only I will experience this.