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    cukup2 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Knowing when to take a break from gambling!   
    I will rest when my balance has run out of funds, but I will not forget the withdrawal of the balance when I have fulfilled the minimum withdrawal so when my balance runs out at least I have made a withdrawal beforehand. because if we always forget the withdrawal, all the victories we have won will run out again
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    cukup2 got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in VIP Perks worth of big loss?   
    in my opinion when we reach the vip level the allowance given every week or month will be even greater but that also depends on the Wagerd we do, if when we compare the capital spent with prizes given when first reaching the level it might not be balanced but if we multiply in 1 year then it will feel really big. that's how I felt when I reached VIP in stake I don't know if it's on pd.
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    cukup2 got a reaction from Kanyua in Biggest bet and profit   
    in the early days I played here it was very difficult to win maybe I was new so I never used one game and tended to change my playing strategy and it was not very good, I tried to survive by playing payout above 1k and it made me able to get routine withdrawals while playing here, but for now do not know why searching for payout 1k is really very difficult and I have not been able to find payout 1k after 3x changing seeds, is it possible to play frequently on one payout will make us be exposed to long red ??
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    cukup2 reacted to sheenaz.bay in Diskusi Tantangan (Challenge) Mingguan. 27/01/2020   
    iya sih, tantangan minggu ini cukup mudah hanya mencari angka dari kombinasi 2013, dan angkanya sudah saya tulis semua, karena pada challenge aslinya ga ada angka-angka kombinasinya
    chance=33 bethigh=false nextbet=3.6 targets = {01.23, 01.32, 02.13, 02.31, 03.12, 03.21, 10.23, 10.32, 12.03, 12.30, 13.02, 13.20, 20.13, 20.31, 21.03, 21.30, 23.01, 23.10, 30.12, 30.21} function dobet()     if containedInSet(lastBet.Roll, targets) then         print(lastBet.Roll)         print(lastBet.Id)         ching()         stop()     end end function containedInSet(x, set)     local formattedRoll = tonumber(string.format("%.2f", x))     print(formattedRoll)     for key, value in pairs(set) do         if value == formattedRoll then             return true         end     end     return false end  
    NB : untuk chance diganti win chance nya, misal pake po 1.1x maka chance nya ganti 90 dan untuk nextbet sesuaikan bb koin yang dipake, itu saya pake doge, jadi kalo pake btc diisi 0.000001
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    cukup2 got a reaction from energi1 in Visit Gambling Sites in a Day   
    I work as an internet cafe keeper so I can gamble for 7 hours a day because I play gambling while working managing internet cafes. When I am off I may only take a few minutes to visit the gambling website because I spend my vacation working with my family
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    cukup2 got a reaction from Bojana in What is TIER?   
    I also do not understand about TIER and just want to increase my knowledge on this topic
    very complete explanation and makes me become more knowledge that I initially did not understand when following the TIER challenge
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    cukup2 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Do you check the forum topics before starting a new one?   
    I rarely open the forum and comment other than just to follow the challenges of the forum so the possibility of those who make the same topic are people like me who just played in the forum and then made the topic to look cool or just to find satosi, for now I am less active in The primedice forum is rumored to have a discussion going around and around the same place.
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    cukup2 got a reaction from Landak in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Walk of Fame: The King of Horror 🤡   
    Bet: 40,194,369,557
    placed by cukup2 on 28/10/2019
    0.00003700 Multiplier
    1100.00x Profit
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    cukup2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Would you risk all your money, say a single chance to try to withdraw?   
    when I have reached half of the minimum withdrawal amount then I will play casually with a small basebet while waiting for a very possible opportunity to hit with a high basebet, and that I often do and quite successful. or I rest first and continue a few moments later
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    cukup2 got a reaction from tapazkie25 in Best Betting Strategies?   
    I want to do a long roll so I will adjust my balance so I can hold 15x of the payout amount. For example, I look for payout 11 then I will hold red as much as 165 rolls, although I know it's still not enough to hold that much red with 11x payout
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    cukup2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in PD Players Association   
    I can only support and hopefully can be realized and can be useful for others out there, or maybe this community can be a means for meeting in real life, because who knows later we can get together while wearing primdice community uniforms in real life 
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    cukup2 got a reaction from Cat4Life in Do you believe bad luck is a good thing?   
    I think when we're unlucky means we're in a bad state and it's not good because we lost most of our money in the game, if good luck when we're in luck then I call it good luck, and I don't believe in bad luck a good thing that I believe experience in the defeat of a learning for the future so that it does not happen again.
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    cukup2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Is it important for you to check prices in Primedice?   
    that I know in PD can still do btc price checks via pm chatbot, so it's actually not removed but to avoid spam chat then for checking prices then via pm only, how to check prices also at stake now through PM and can not be directly in the chat room
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    cukup2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in How to stop the game?   
    I will stop playing when I can get a minimum withdrawal because when my balance is enough to make a withdrawal I will withdraw it as soon as possible because I know the longer I play the higher my appetite for winning more, therefore I target up to a minimum withdrawal only
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    cukup2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Girls/Women in Primedice   
    I have met real women who play gambling on other websites most of them rarely talk in the room and maybe some of them are embarrassed if they are found out that they are women so they are still hiding when playing and who are often in the room and chatting are rarely real women .
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    cukup2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in How do you prefer to play in the primedice using cell phone or pc?   
    I have never played Primdice using a phone so far. I use a PC to play in Primdice and it makes me more satisfied than playing on a phone because the phone might have a small screen 
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    cukup2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you believe that it is possible to live with earned in casino?   
    I believe we can rely on casino as a daily livelihood land because I have experienced it in a web casino that is now closed, there I can make decent money and now I have found a web that I think is much better than the previous web able to give me good income. so I really believe that the online casino can be relied on as a place to find money and can fulfill my daily needs.
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    cukup2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you interrupt the game to make rains or tips?   
    I usually make rain or tip after finishing whitdraw and I also often continue the game after making it rain, most of the skills are lost so in my opinion if we are playing better don't do activities in chatrom so I can focus on the game.
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    cukup2 reacted to SEMPAXs in Apa itu Plagiat?   
    Dari kamus besar bahas indonesia, plagiat di artikan seperti ini:
    plagiat/pla·gi·at/  pengambilan karangan (pendapat dan sebagainya) orang lain dan menjadikannya seolah-olah karangan (pendapat dan sebagainya) sendiri, misalnya menerbitkan karya tulis orang lain atas nama dirinya sendiri.
    Plagiarisme berasal dari bahasa Latin "plagiare" yang artinya mencuri. Plagiarisme secara definisi dapat diartikan sebagai "tindakan menyerahkan (submitting) atau menyajikan (presenting) ide atau kata/ kalimat orang lain tanpa menyebut sumbernya" (Sastroasmoro, 2007).
    Pasal 44 Undang-Undang Hak Cipta membuat rumusan secara negatif dengan kata-kata sebagai berikut: “Penggunaan, pengambilan, penggandaan, dan/atau pengubahan suatu ciptaan dan/atau produk hak terkait secara seluruh atau sebagian yang substansial tidak dianggap sebagai pelanggaran hak cipta jika sumbernya disebutkan atau dicantumkan secara lengkap untuk keperluan: (a) pendidikan, penelitian, penulisan karya ilmiah, penyusunan laporan, penulisan kritik atau tinjauan suatu masalah dengan tidak merugikan kepentingan yang wajar dari pencipta atau pemegang hak cipta; (b) dst…” Rumusan Pasal 44 huruf a ini perlu dicermati. Dari bunyi ketentuan tersebut jelas, bahwa syarat mencantumkan sumber adalah sebuah syarat mutlak untuk dapat terbebas dari tindak pelanggaran. Artinya, jika tidak dicantumkan sumbernya, pasal ini otomatis mengkategorikan tindakan itu sebagai pelanggaran hak cipta, sekalipun dalam sanksi pidana tidak disebut-sebut secara eksplisit tentang ancaman sanksi jika terjadi pelanggaran atas Pasal 44 Undang-Undang Hak Cipta.
    Apa sih susahnya menyematkan sumber berita? 
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    cukup2 reacted to jamyr in On win increase by more than 100% - do this 7 folds.   
    212 sats 
    multiplier 4.95x
    on win increase by 111%
    on loss reset.
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    cukup2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in To Faucet or not to Faucet?   
    I want to have or not have a faucet for me that is not too influential because I do not use the faucet as a capital for playing in primdice, it may be different if the faucet is around 1000 satosi btc then I will lose very much when the faucet is gone. for me it is better to deposit 100 doge than I have to use the small faucet.
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    cukup2 reacted to SEMPAXs in Angka kembar untuk mencari po 100x   
    Halo para pecinta primedice.
    Saat ini kita akan mencoba strategi po 100x dengan meneukan terlebih dahulu nomor cantik atau anggka kembar di saat kita sedang bermain.
    Angka kembar yang saya maksud disini adalah : 0.00/11.11/22.22/33.33/44.44/55.55/66.66/77.77/88.88/99.99
    Dari beberapa kali saya menemukan angka cantik tersebut,saya mencoba melakukan analisa dengan melakukan po 100x setelah menemukan angkanya.Dan sepertinya itu bisa saya lakukan.
    Dan beberapa kali pemain lain yang sudah saya beri tahukan tentang hal ini sepertinya sukses.
    Untuk jumblah berpa kali roll untuk menemukan po 100x setelah angka kembar tersebut itu tidak selalu pas jumblahnya.Bisa di bawah 100 rol atau lebih.Tetapi lebihnya tidak pernah melar sampai 300 kali roll..
    Rangkuman ujicoba saya adalah jika menukan angka kembarnya ganjil,maka po 100x nya kita ambil over.Dan jika angka kembarnya genap kita ambil po 100xnya under.
    Apakah ini selalu work? jawabannya 90% work.Apakah ini hanya untuk situs primedice? jawabannya tidak.karena saya menemukan cara ini sewaktu saya bermain di situs lain.Hanya saja perbedaanya jumblah rollnya.kenapa demikian?karena di pengaruhi oleh EDGE setiap situs berbeda.
    Untuk contoh pertama,saat ini saya menemukan angka 22.22
    22.22 di nonced 854 
    Dan po 100x nya di nonced 
    Jadi setelah angkak kembar genap 22.22 saya mendapatkan po 100x di putaran ke 128.
    Angka kembar 22.22 juga saya temukan dengan perbedaan jumblah roll

    Jika 22.22 yang pertama saya menemukan po 100 di putaran 128,untuk yang ke dua ini saya hanya melakukan 56 putaran untuk menemukan po 100x.Saya akan membagikan terus jika menemukan angka kembar yang lain.Atau jika ada player yang lain mendapatkan silahkan berbagi disini.
    Bisa saja apa yang saya bahas ini tidak tepat.Tetapi saya selalu mendapatkan angka2 tersebut dan selalu win.
    Kenapa saya harus membuat putarannya 300?untuk menjaga melarnya saja sebenarnya.Karena sebenarnya terbyaka rol yang pernanh saya dapatkan under 25o roll.
    salam opit
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    cukup2 reacted to SEMPAXs in Perubahan Minimal Tip dan Rain   
    Ada perubahan minimal tip ke sesama member.kebetulan saya tahunya di saat saya akan memberi tip ke member lain.
    Perubahannya adalah sebagai berikut:
    1.BTC  yang awalnya minimal adalah 1000 satosi sekatang menjadi minimal 2000 satosi 
    2.BCH  yang awalnya minimal 0.00010000 sekarang menjadi 0.00100000 
    3.ETH  yang awalnya minimal 0.00010000 sekarang menjadi 0.00100000 
    4.LTC yang awalnya minimal 0.00100000 sekarang menjadi 0.00200000 
    5.DOGE tidak ada perubahan,tetap dengan jumblah minimal 100 Doge 
    1.BTC tidak ada perubahan tetap 0.00010000    
    2.BCH yang awalnya 0.00300000 sekarang minimal 0.00100000    
    3.ETH yang awalnya 0.00400000 sekarang minimal 0.00300000    
    4.LTC tidak ada perubahan tetap minimal 0.01000000  
    5.DOGE  tidak ada perubahan.tetap minimal 100 Doge   
    UPDATE perubahan minimal tip dan rain (30/05/2019)
    1.ETH: Jika sebelumnya tip minimal adalah 100000 Etoshi sekarang berubah hanya 10000 Etoshi: 
    Update Penambahan Koin XRP:
    TIP XRP :
    Minimal Tip untuk XRP adalah: 0.1 XRP  
    Rain XRP:
    Minimal Rain untuk XRP adalah: 1 XRP 
    Ket. Untuk koin lain sementara masih tetap.Sementara update saya berikan hanya perubahan tambahan,dan akan saya update dan perbaiki tipik jika sudah beberapa hari kedepan dan kepastiannya adalah untuk semua koin.
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    cukup2 reacted to roomfirst in Daftar anggota forum PD Indonesia - Member Baru Silahkan Absen   
    Selamat bergabung @nolep, @Sem144, @cukup2. Jangan lupa membaca peraturan yang berlaku di sub forum indonesia ini