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  1. I just played in PD and I'm still looking for a good strategy here, for the problem of rain maybe in the room Indonesia, I have not felt from the rain bot because in our room there is no rain from the bot like in the EN room, but I am a little thankful because in this forum I can get a balance as a substitute for the absence of bot rain in our chat room.
  2. wow that's great 28 days in a row without losing to me foam winning 1x in a week maybe it is a coincidence and rarely happens, my winning streak is only strong 2 days while playing in Primdice, and it also fails to make withdrawals on day 3
  3. cukup2

    What Are Dreams?

    for me dreaming is a life of the subconscious and that I consider the world that I can play as I like.
  4. I prefer playing with mutually changing payout when looking for Wagerd, first I played looking for payout 99 and when I won then I returned to payout 1.01 by using a 20% basebet from my balance, I did it continuously and was quite successful
  5. I will still use doge because when I play doge I feel comfortable and can set strategies from the bottom, although I know the price of the doge is very far compared to xrp or other coins in Primdice.
  6. cukup2

    Pet Names

    I give the rooster the name of the Rembo, if the fish I give the name cupi cupi, birds I give the name paser
  7. I have known Primdice for a long time, but I have only recently joined here, and I believe that a site can last a long time like this because they have a good record from the players and always pay for all the players' wins.
  8. cukup2


    welcome my friend is also here including new, the craziest thing when I play in primdice maybe I always play with payout 1.01 using all my balance because at that time I was raising wagerd so I could reach $ 100 and it made me feel uneasy because in pursuit of my wagerd willing to lose my balance
  9. I can only support and hopefully can be realized and can be useful for others out there, or maybe this community can be a means for meeting in real life, because who knows later we can get together while wearing primdice community uniforms in real life
  10. it is true that there are some people who abuse the faucet but who are affected by everything in Primdice, hopefully the forum reward also does not suffer the same fate as the faucet that was removed, because if that happens I think this forum will be quiet
  11. I want to do a long roll so I will adjust my balance so I can hold 15x of the payout amount. For example, I look for payout 11 then I will hold red as much as 165 rolls, although I know it's still not enough to hold that much red with 11x payout
  12. while playing at Primdice I made deposits from the results of playing from other websites so for now Primdice has not changed me to be rich or poor. Primdice has added new friends for me on inline and I am happy.
  13. I play the manual for the longest to play gambling for about 2 hours more than that I am no longer concentrating, but if you want to play auto, I play the longest for about 6 hours, it is also done when I work and the game I live until I want to go home from work, see again lose or see win.
  14. I do not open primdice in the morning, I play primdice at night where I play PD while working, so I play around 6 pm to 12 pm or more depending on whether my work is done or not, if done after 12 pm then I will close the game on pd and other websites.