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    watchmen reacted to Serlite in 🏆 [$800] 🎉 After Party 🎉   
    Bet: 75,424,036,604
    placed by Serlite on 04/01/2021
    0.00022000 Multiplier
    5.00x Profit
    0.00088000 93.78
    Bet: 75,424,037,178
    placed by Serlite on 04/01/2021
    0.00022000 Multiplier
    5.00x Profit
    0.00088000 85.71
    Bet: 75,424,037,757
    placed by Serlite on 04/01/2021
    0.00022000 Multiplier
    5.00x Profit
    0.00088000 Well, this one was pretty interesting to script! Basically, there's a rolling window of bets that we're interested in, and as we add more bets to it, we take off the oldest ones. Here's the script to run yourself! As usual, use it in the Code tab of dicebot in Programmer Mode, and feel free to change side/currency/amount as needed:
    chance = 19.8000 nextbet = 0.00022000 bethigh = true currency = "Ltc" local lastPatternMatches = {0, 0, 0} local targetMatches = 2 local targetStreak = 3 function dobet() -- break down roll number into comparable components local digit4 = round((lastBet.Roll * 100) % 10) local digit3 = round(((lastBet.Roll * 100) % 100 - digit4) / 10) local digit2 = round(((lastBet.Roll * 100) % 1000 - digit3 * 10 - digit4) / 100) local digit1 = round(((lastBet.Roll * 100) - digit2 * 100 - digit3 * 10 - digit4) / 1000) if win then print (lastBet.Roll) print (lastBet.Id) end if isValidPattern(digit1, digit2, digit3, digit4) and win then insertAndShiftSet(lastPatternMatches, 1) else insertAndShiftSet(lastPatternMatches, 0) end if sumTableValues(lastPatternMatches) >= targetMatches and currentstreak >= targetStreak then ching() stop() end end function round(x) return math.floor(x + 0.5) end function isValidPattern(digit1, digit2, digit3, digit4) local stringNumber = tostring(digit1)..tostring(digit2)..tostring(digit3)..tostring(digit4) return string.find(stringNumber, "5") end function insertAndShiftSet(set, newValue) table.remove(set) table.insert(set, 1, newValue) end function sumTableValues(set) local sum = 0 for key, value in pairs(set) do sum = sum + value end return sum end  
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    watchmen reacted to windsfun in 🥇 [12 ETH] ​ The Champions 🏆   
    Bet: 63,577,418,530
    placed by WinCrypto on 13/07/2020
    0.00025000 Multiplier
    1100.00x Profit
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    watchmen reacted to bigbrankx in Do not use Martingale with long-term play   
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    watchmen got a reaction from bigbrankx in Do not use Martingale with long-term play   
    Martingale is a classic strategy, it is a strategy that anyone involved in gambling knows. Martingale means that if you lose, you need to double your bet to recover the lost money. But is it really that good?
    I experimented with a 2x multiplier Martingale strategy and with the support of 24 losses, I rolled it continuously day and night, every day I changed the seed once. But after six days, I met a string of losses 26 times. I tried again but this time only supported 18 times losing and running dice but this time I chose to stop the strategy for two days, surprisingly everything was fine and made a profit. Then I tried again but this time with a 6x multiplier, every 6 times I lost I would double the bet once, my goal this time was to play for five hours. As a result, after an hour of playing, I lost over 200k sat, I was forced to stop the strategy because it didn't work.
    So I recommend that you are intending to use the Martingale strategy, you should not try with long rollers or with multipliers as high as 6x or more because it is really ineffective, break up the rolling range and use multiple strategies. Different strategies for each play and especially Martingale are very risky for those with little balance. You should only play strategy Martingale is short-term strategy
    Lastly, good luck with your strategy, and do you have a better strategy than Martingale?
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    watchmen reacted to nolep in Chinese police seized 7000 bitcoin mining rigs   
    news like this not only makes the price of bitcoin affected but it also makes the cryptocurrency name quite bad, the loss of electricity that they make I think is quite a lot so that the police have intervened and arrested them. but there are also those who believe that these arrests were made because they did not pay a deposit, so they were arrested. Friends above are 7000 mining tools instead of 7000 bitcoins, if that is 7000 bitcoins, of course the amount is very large and the number of mining tools is more than 7000, but what makes this even worse is the operators who are also involved by HYIP and fraud with Ponzi schemes.
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    watchmen reacted to Chikou1306 in How often do you change your seed?   
    well, if you
     keep changing the seed after reaching a specific number of rolls, then i suggest you to change it randomly, some of the seeds are bad and they have a large red streak, those ones you should keep because the green bets will come next ! and some other ones have a good green streak, those ones you should change fast because the red streak will come . the fact here is that when you have a large red streak then you have keep the seed because the odds of winning increase then ! that was my strategy of changing in between the seeds ! lately i change them randomly, but be aware that the largest red streak you get the better odds of winning will come !  
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    watchmen reacted to Fedrian24 in [100% Safe Dice Script For PrimeDice and DiceBot]   
    but if you can play safe it can dude, for example if your balance 0.1 ETH your base bet 10 ethosi 
    make it simple  play with Payout 3x or 5x 
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    watchmen got a reaction from MrNice23 in You Will Never Learn!   
    You can try go meet your friend and talking them, maybe you got some advice