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  1. @UltraChief - wow, they told me you've changed after becoming a mod and now I see it's true. Pathetic. @hui - not that any of what you wrote had any sense, but if you needed another 2k sat there you go. Pathetic. Somebody close this topic please so the omnipotent mods stop dogpiling me for stating obvious facts about their incompetency and disregard.
  2. If all I have to do is "add them to ignore list" why are there rules and moderators? Your suggestion makes yourself expendable Ultra. Step off from Mod position and then I can "add them to ignore list". Till then I have a right to expect that moderators will react on rule breaking and mute offenders. And if you actually do, there would be no need for VIP chat. But for some reason you don't. If only you could 'edit' chat window so baldly as you edit other people's posts.
  3. As you probably noticed, since few days there seems to be an organised action on PD chat. To make long story short - begshits overtook PD chat. I suppose few beggers registered like 20-30 alts and are digging hard for tips using all primitive tricks they know - cheering everyone every few minutes, sending tips between alt accounts to show how 'rich' they allegedly are or simply PM-ing highrollers for 'loans'. Ofc new ones are still being created. I think I don't need to say how dramatically that situation decreases quality of chat (which wasn't too high anyway). Result of that is that legit players are discouraged to even come to chat. This is very bad for PD community, which is great among other casino sites and is worth saving b4 beggers gonna murder it. So how about another chat channel that one will be able to enter only if whitelisted by moderators? I think there shouldn't even be specified conditions for that (like amount wagered or how old one's account is), but team knows players here well enough to make such a list fairly and accordingly to their best knowledge. Also to keep that channel clean there should be pretty strict rules and by that I mean if anyone ever begs/spams/scams there will be excluded from that channel forever (or at least for a very long time) no matter how old and rich player they are. Of course no alts or banks allowed. I consider such channel something like oasis for old and legit players, who are tired by begshits feast they can see everyday on english channel. We need to defend PD community from scum.
  4. Oh but 'I don't know' is very important statement. ^^ It makes us aware that there are still questions that need answer and motivate us to search for that answer. Don't underestimate the power of 'I don't know'. LOL
  5. For me that is definitely thanking rainbot for rain or cheering those who got it with bullshit like 'good luck to all catchers'. Also posting shitty bets (like 50 sat on 1.1x) or sharing bets that were made by another person (most often highroller). And when HR comes to chat almost everyone immediately starts to lick their asses and be their dear friend. And one more thing - when someone repeatedly says on chat "sad day", "busted as always", "unlucky today :(" - I consider it simply passive begging. I think that is grumpy enough so I'll stop here. ^^
  6. Your good in playing fool. Too bad your bad in doing your job as a support. You're officially protecting scammer and refusing to act on whole situation as any decent site support should act immediately. Instead you're threatening me just for stating obvious fact. I don't want to have anything in common with scammer's friend like you Darko and I consider debating with you futile. But just for the record - EVERY TIME this fucker shows up in chat he's gonna be burned alive. One and only solution to that situation is to perma ban him. Do it and I will consider this case closed. Otherwise I just think you cannot admit you made a mistake, and that's what cowards do. Have a bad day.
  7. Situation was as followed: Yesterday (Nov 21th, 2018) user switch99 mistipped user zakichan1977 sending him 10000 doges instead of 100 doges. Right after that switch started to ask him on public chat to return that tip, but scammer zakichan1977 pretended he can't see it and ran with money. Zakichan1977 is a thief, be extremely careful while handling with this guy. Not less important is support's reaction. They considered they can't do anything (like ban the scammer), because it's up to tip receiver to send back stolen money. So I have two questions to support: 1) I still remember when Edward mistipped gideons 1 BTC and withdrawals on whole site has been frozen till she sent it back. Why did you act (and quite radically) then but didn't act this time? Doesn't the same rule apply? Wasn't it gideon's good will to send it back? Well I guess when it comes to support/owner's money, the reaction is quite different. 2) Support member Darko tried to convinced me that word 'thievery' is not appropiate for that situation. So imagine that, Darko - you're doing a bank transfer but instead of 100$ you sent 1000$. You try to contact the person who received the money, but they constantly block your calls and don't answer to any form of contact. Would you qualify that as thievery and talk to bank authorities so they help you get it back? Or would you just consider it good will of money receiver to send it back and do nothing? 3) What's even worse, support threatened me to draw the consequences just for warning other players on chat and stating obvious fact, that zakichan1997 is a scammer who stole money from switch99. Looks like support team is protecting scammers on PD chat. Shame on you, zakichan1977! Shame on you, support!
  8. This keyword "provably fair" is often used to "prove" it's fair but in fact it doesn't mean anything. Simple question - how do you even know if "third party" sites when you can "verify" bets are not owned by Edward? The one and only way to prove the algorithm is fair is to make code public and being able to be reviewed by anyone. Till the code is not open, any claims about its "fairness" are just pure bullshit. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. No way to know.
  9. Earthman


    Refresh. Try few times. If it won't help, try another browser.
  10. Username: Earthman Grats on 25th billion bet!
  11. Bet: 24,576,986,666 placed by Earthman on 16/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000300
  12. Its only valuable at point of its maker who can add another post to their count.
  13. And what does it have in common with cryptocoin casino?
  14. Most of your posts is valuable but info that some guy sang about btc under shower doesn't qualify as one. But whatever ^^