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  1. I would like someone's help. I've been trying to create a script in python, but i always get an "error.empty_query" error. I test my request in Insomnia, everything works fine, but when i try to use it in my python code, i always get this error. What can i be doing wrong? All queries and mutations i try to implement in my script in python i get this error.
  2. I have a doubt. Is it possible to access an account with 2factor auth enabled?
  3. Another strategy is to calculate the average of the last 3 or 5 rolls. If the result is below 49.50, Low, Above 50.49, High.
  4. Yes, but I'll alternate the strategies. In fact, I do not exclusively use payout 10, although it is what I use the most. Alternate from 1.10 to 5.20. My goal is 2,5% on the day. I break my goal into smaller fractions, for example 1,25% or 0,625% and etc, depending on the payout I use. Of course I do not always win and someday I lose some, but I can gradually recover that way. The most difficult is to control greed
  5. I make 2.5% a day, every day. That's enough for me. I use payout 10 for my goal. I do not do it at once, of course, I usually break the goal into smaller goals and so I have been able to profit
  6. In my opinion, it does. We just do not know how much
  7. It all depends on your mindset and the strategy you use. This is my opinion. Good study
  8. I like to switch between 1.10 and 20.80. I get 5% of the balance in day and stop.
  9. I did not even see how much my balance supports, but I did a 1 million betting simulation and hit 110 loss streak, a pity I did not save. But with respect to the image below, I made that profit. I can say that you can profit from this strategy. Profits are few, but fairly consistent. Thanks to @Bitk0ynR2 for making this strategy available
  10. I think not. I did everything correctly. About the statistics, I have not yet used the script. I actually used it once, but it's not enough to show here, since I used it for about 2 minutes @edit Image added