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  1. “Excuse me, sir, have you seen a police officer around?” - “No, not a soul, actually.” - “Very good, now give me your wallet, watch and laptop!”
  2. Nice topic sheena i appreciated so much..How may times when im on the pd chatroom i read some dicers say,,busted,,im loss,,,i quit ..i never play anymore but unfortunately next day i saw them again with the same phrases and similar people, that make me feel sad on the situation like this.But i think they try again for a chance of luck and to recover some of their losses ,But anyway with regards to my opinion to this topic. Im go to pd to earn or to have profit us will while playing the game of gambling (dice) which on my perception you win only on the game for a chance or luck but at the end almost get busted (loss). In reality i will stop on the game if i knew that what ever i do theirs no chance to win or luck on the game i always put on my mind that you're emotion on greediness sometimes make you fail on you re goal which to win on the game and gain profit too. Just stop take a cup of hot coffee or drink a bottle of soda/beer and afterwards just try for another round of the game. .
  3. Just tell you frankly ,how long i gamble everyday ?When I sign up now with pd during school days i wake up early in the morning at 3 am pst (philippine standard time) to cook and serve my 2 kids that went to school early. In that period of time i already open my old desktop computer. I think i play pd for almost 19 hrs a day not included by the way saturday and sunday and holiday.Because during no school days i turn my pc with open browser google pd simultaneously an set it auto bet manual and open it for almost whole night .
  4. I think for me it depends on available eth on my bank roll. If i have 10 eth on my available balance 50 percent of that is im going to vault first for safe keeping purposes and the half of it just gamble.And the bet is situational if having green always i think i could not control my emotion to risk and roll 1 eth for every single roll in manual mode what ever po.
  5. I think its not easy to enter here in PD without a capital.Just like me im a newbie here i just sign up on last april.And i could not enter the chatroom with out a 100 USD waggered so i need a capital or money change it into a coins btc,eth,bch or doge and roll on the game an aim to hit the amount (100 USD) so that I can chat or enter in PD chat room.
  6. By the way in ph all gambling site that operate in our country must be registered to PAGCOR.If not it is call them us illegal here. But i think some provision here that some online gaming site operate outside in our country are they are not bound to hold it or short they have no jurisdictionary power to stop it.
  7. When I wake up at 3 am in the morning, im praise the day with thanks to our heavenly father for the new chapter in my life he give to me. Then press the power turn on of my old desktop computer, an scan some viruses utilizing malwarebytes software afterwards open my favorite browser google and subsequently search for the pd site enter.. boom when I already in the site it shows now the default english room and the bet panel. At the time, I never waste a single time and make some chatting to the people on the chatroom while making or writing some funny things on the chat pad I make a bet manually also feeding with my favorite coins which is doge coin, after a half hour I left on my set and switch pd on auto bet . Now at the time, Im busy at my kitchen cooking with food stuff an serve it to my 2 kids that went to school early every day except holiday,saturday and sunday. On weekend period, specially at night i run my pc with pd on auto bets loaded with a small amount of doge and operate it for whole night and always whispering/hoping on the next day they are still alive and not busted…just joking ha..ha..ha.And always remember that if youre not prepare to loss youre money never enter in gambling because in gambling almost 10 percent only youre chance on wiining and the rest is busted (loss) . I love so much pd its different from other online gambling site….Its time for me to cut my story short…hahah..And im just hoping also now for pd fanatics can share some also of thieir thoughts/moments how to start their day with prime dice .. goodluck everyone
  8. omf.ngo mission is to cure these diseases and provide the over 20 million people around the world living with them the opportunity to live full, productive lives. i impress with thier goal and mission of omf.ngo so i vote for them.
  9. Bitcoin Price to 5 figure again? sandricks replied to Han2x's topic in Price Discussion nothing knews han2x due to the charcteristic of the crypto specially the btc the great effect on the uprising and downrising of btc cause of its volatilty factor and also the supply and demand of said coins and knewingly there are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined in total and hoping so all of this can rally up the btc price at high Number : 37