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  1. Kargno

    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    PD: SolaireLuvsMe ty steve <3
  2. just pure luck, all I can say, but depends on how much you bet, and I tend to make small bets to just make my money last a little longer
  3. I can never say I have, I usually just deposit the next day sometimes after I loss my deposit from the day before
  4. fairly often enough to not be able to count how many times I visit
  5. Kargno


    seeds don't change anything I think, just gives you a new random chances
  6. all i do is just quit for the day, next day if I can, I deposit. simple
  7. everytime I try to make smaller bets, I martingale strategy the shit out of my balance
  8. really just depends on luck
  9. Whats it like being a Owner/admin on a poplar gambling site? PD: SolaireLuvsMe
  10. thanks for the warm welcoming @williamsh
  11. yeah, its just I'm just new to primedice so I don't know anything about here
  12. I've been on stake for almost 2 years now but I just got in to primedice
  13. I'm just new PrimeDice @sheenaz.bay its just an introduction