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  1. Whats it like being a Owner/admin on a poplar gambling site? PD: SolaireLuvsMe
  2. thanks for the warm welcoming @williamsh
  3. yeah, its just I'm just new to primedice so I don't know anything about here
  4. I've been on stake for almost 2 years now but I just got in to primedice
  5. I'm just new PrimeDice @sheenaz.bay its just an introduction
  6. well I join pd like a week or 2 ago so I'm kinda late to this whole thing of introductions and stuff. I enjoy Stake and I thought I'd try PrimeDice so I just joined here I go by Kargnoth on many forums besides Stake and I'd thought to my self. "Well I want a good name, how about Kargnoth!" I am Kargno, as I forgot to put the "oth" in Kargnoth I usually enjoy games like RuneScape, Destiny, Halo, World of Warcraft, and of course... Dark souls by FromSoftware which is one of my all time favourite games. I hope everyone has a good day!