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  1. I don't think I can do any predicition, but I've heard a friend of mine talking about Nvidia cards being released can impact on crypto coin prices since they can be used for mining. It's really unpredictable for me. But I dont think ITC is going to grow that much... I would bet a better growth for ETH and BTC.
  2. My favorite character is Arya, but I also love Thyrion, Thormund Brienne, Bron! But... WHAT WAS THIS LAST SEASON, IT WAS SOOOOOOO BAD I'm so mad, they destroyed the show, what the hell was that last episode, they had no idea what they were doing. I really hope George decides to finish his books and make something great with it,
  3. Oooh this IT movie it's just not for me, I've wachted the first one and I was bored to hell x.x I dont think I'm even going to give and shot on this one, but I do like Jessica Chastain tho. About James McAvoy I'm not sure, but I gotta watch that TV show with him, Shameless! One of my friends talks about this one all the time.
  4. Do you think that work? I can make art, tried to sell apparel on sites like teespring.com but it never worked out for me =( I wish I could make some money selling clothes online, that would be amazing. Do you got any tips for marketing this kinda of thing? Maybe I should try it again
  5. But I'm not going to just draw a random storie to someone that maybe doesn't want it. I wanna draw to someone that wants their storie illustrated. They can just drop here the link to their post with the storie, instead of telling it again, if they already posted it.
  6. So, I'm a professional illustrator but sometimes I draw for free just to chill out, I really like drawing... So I've decided to make this post to make a drawing of the coolest gambling storie of you guys! Post your cool stories on this post and I'll pick one, feel free to add a picture of yourself if you want it draw along the storie (not required tho) or any other image you think kinda represents the storie or what would you like to see in it! And if anyone wants to check some of my watercolor http://mauriciopetri.com/ =)
  7. To be honest I don't think I ever had a chance to be rich, when I've heard about criptocoins it was already to late... and even if I've had heard before, I never had the money to give it a go! Money is definitly a strugle in my life, as my focus and main goals are art related... Rich is also kinda relative right? For me, with 150k USD I would be able to just chill and focus on my art. I'm from Brazil and with 150k USD we can kinda use the income to get 3 times the minimun wage by doing nothing. That's a goal for me 150k, any tips how to acheive it?
  8. An illustration I've made for the 6th birthday, just for fun! Btw if anyone wanna check some of my art, you can check it here: http://mauriciopetri.com/
  9. What you used to work with before Primedice? By the way, here's a fan art for the 6th birthday!
  10. Is this still going on? For what I've seen you can get... 4 dollars every 6 months? Is that right? Actually I'm trying the radio and seems pretty nice to listen to while I work, I'll give it a shot.
  11. So, this an digital art I've finished yesterday, it's based on the game Magic the gathering. Does anyone have a tip on how to make money with art/illustration? It's been a real struggle to make some money lately, any advice is welcome!
  12. Gamble is the fastest way, but not the safest... It's like the guy said up there, altought it is the fastest way to earn bitcoin, it's also the fastest way to lose it. The fastest in long term, without luck required, is to work... do some freelance, or get an actual job. Get paid, and buy the currency. There is no magic secret to get rich I guess... Mining was a thing, but nowdays I don't think it's worth anymore.
  13. Well I kinda don't understand why you can't change the side... the odds will be same. I also think it's pointless to apply Martingale "to some point"... or you keep it until you win, or it becomes pointless. But sounds a nice plan for playing, I just think it's not more "secure" than the average.
  14. Well martingale does not lower your odds, but also doesnt enhance it. Martingale works better if you stop at the first win, once you win one time you're garanteed to have a profit, but sometimes you don't have enough to keep playing until you win... since you're doubling the bet, it will drain you pretty fast. In theory if you have infinity money, this works.