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  1. sure maybe later tnx
  2. cramcram21

    Cat or dog?

    I think I would go with dog ,I don't really like cats...
  3. cramcram21


    We have a tarantula in the house it is my brothers pet . what kind of exotic pet do you have??
  4. I will try it later haha tnx
  5. Just want to share the trick that I learned if you would consider it as a trick. First you should search the video on youtube that you want to download, then put the magic word between the youtube it would be like this youmagictube.com. I know most of you already know this just want to share to others might help them .
  6. Yeah me too I am still looking for a girlfriend but I think I won't do a group sex with my girlfriend if ever I have .
  7. nice thanks for all the tips I learned a lot I would definitely try it out sometime.
  8. Don't really know the answer it depends on my mood haha...
  9. hahaha never experience it haha lol, but some of my friends experience it when they were a sleep one of our gay friends touch them and give them a head...
  10. The biggest win that I could get in faucets is .001 bitcoin<3 how about you guys how much did you win through the faucets???
  11. cramcram21


    What would be your reason or what would be your excuse when your parents or who ever caught you watching some porn???
  12. cramcram21


    What site do you usually visit to watch porn???
  13. hope to get along with everyone
  14. Mia khalifa and some japanese artist that I don't really know the names.