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  1. Definitely prefer to use the vaultDefinitely prefer to use the vault
  2. i like to play slow at dice but most times i end up fast
  3. User - Xlmcoins Currency - LTC Please Thanks a million if I win
  4. I agree with you Kate, at first I weren't sure off it, but now it's clear it's for marketing and promotions, great idea xlmcoins
  5. I forget to reset to base bet far to often. It's something I want to learn to remember I'm thinking about writing a check list to refer to when rolling.
  6. Indeed , I have been rock bottom with my family and I have been on top living life to the full however without my family I doubt I would be very happy , it's ironic as it's the family is what causes stress but brings me the most rewarding happiness when it's a happy household. The bottom line of it is money for everyone however there is a small percentage that play purely out of interest.
  7. I have a personality disorder which comes with a addictive personality, that being said I gamble for the buzz / thrill and because of addiction. i work hard otherwise I would go crazy with the wife and kids at home and be in the real deep of other addictions where a have been before. "am I happy" err that depends on the day or what's going on in life, I have no reason not to be happy, I have all a man could ask for and some but that doesn't mean I'm permanently happy. life is what you make of it , money can help to be happy short term but not and long term fix. i would have to say that it really does depend on your mindset %100, so if you don't have a good mindset it's likely you won't ben happy. What makes me happy is , my family , sex , working , gambling ,drinking and a mellow bit of smoke to keep the stress a bay. Happiness Is not a permanent felling, everybody will be unhappy in certain parts of there life.
  8. Im a atheist but do believe there is more in or after life than we are aware of .
  9. This makes complete sense , on many occasions I have bought between 20k and 80k dge and still play with the mindset of a low value coin although there's bundles of them and majority of the time end up losing them. For over six years now my preferred currency was bitcoin and it was very rarely i used any other currencies unless they were rained upon me. As the saying goes , " Curiosity killed the cat " and I wanted to try other currencies. So I started to purchase other ALT currencies mainly DGE and LTC. i purchased 3 LTC and to gamble and I ended up withdrawing over 60 LTC back when the value was around £3.50. As crypto currency was getting more popular and more was occurring, BCH was announced and came to the market at a good value, I purchased 0.8 for around £280 and thought to my self it's almost a full coin and I would respect the value of it and be sensible with my bets. That didn't go well because it was still a fraction in my mindset of gambling. As it is now my preferred currency is LTC and for the first time in a long time I actually withdraw some winnings. thanks for the responses it's much appreciated. Be Lucky
  10. what is your preferred currency to gamble with ? the reason I ask is because in my opinion, I feel it's more appealing to me to have one whole coin rather than a fraction of one. whatever your target may be 2x x10 or even x100 I find it more appealing to have 50x ltc rather that 0.5x btc when I bet with fraction of a coin I really don't appreciate the value of the coin when betting with (btc) and (dge) however when I bet with LTC I seem to have more appreciation for the value of the coin. Does anybody else underestimate the different coins and currencies we use.?
  11. I agree if I'm honest all challenges are via primedice and in fact nothing to do with telegram apart from information on what needs to be done on PRIMEDICE and not telegram, so in actual fact it's a primedice challenge promoted by telegram, I have read in telegram written by primedice that once there telegram channel reaches 1000 members there will be a giveaway but I'm sure that will be also VIA primedice and not directly in telegram which is frustrating as I can't get primedice on the device my telegram is on! So it no use to me really . thanks anyway primedice and good luck everyone.
  12. In order to kyc did you make a payment to confirm credit card?
  13. This is so helpful to me thank you very much it's a lot to put into action but completely correct.
  14. I agree about being distracted by walking or talking however that only takes me away from the situation I'm trying to be patient with. When I go to work I'm the same , no patience, I am here there and everywhere I just can't slow down unless I really tell myself to relax multiple times, even then I feel so full of anxiety and and itching to do something, me and my brain don't get on. thanks for your response, be lucky. Yes you are correct and it's a matter of teaching my brain and being consistent on dealing with my patience issues and without feeling high levels of anxiety which I am prescribed diazepam for however through my own choice I am wanting not to use. Thanks a lot for you input , very productive to me. editing I'm going to Come back to this and respond further more as this is the best response and feedback that can really change lives.
  15. This I am a awesome response and well said I hope I can take something from this , thanks for sharing. Good luck to you . That's my problem to your not alone , I also hope this changes in the near future. Good luck to you . Smoking would do nothing for me as I smoke just like I breath but thanks, good luck to you . Patience is the key and experience is needed I could enter agree more. Thanks , good luck to you . A physical method I'm always willing to try , this sounds very productive. Thanks a million this will be put into action for sure, be lucky you deserve it. Absolutely thanks Thank you to everyone that has had a input it's very much appreciated, good luck to you all.